Thirty Foods to Eat in Marikina City (Part 1)

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Marikina City, the shoe capital of the Philippines is very popular for its shoe industry, clean streets and orderly residents. But do you know that Marikina City is also a good place to eat? If you're from this city or living somewhere around the area, make sure you check our list as we take you to a grand food tour in search of The 30 Foods to Eat in Marikina City.  We had to look for restaurants, bars, grills, cafes, canteens and even turo-turos within the city just to find very affordable meals or dishes that you will surely like with prices up to Php100 only. Anything that will exceed the suggested price range will not be included on our list. We've decided to divide this feature in 3 parts. We hope you will find the food that you've been longing for.

Jojie's Barbeque Pork Barbeque (P12) is sold daily along Marcos Cruz corner V. Santos Street, Sto Nino. I really like its simplicity. No tables, no chairs, just your good 'ol barbeque. Special marinade gives extraordinary taste to their barbeque. Try also their balun-balunan (P9), isaw (P7), and special tenga (P10). Opens daily at 4pm. Jojie's barbeque has been running for more than 10 years already and is quite popular in Sto Nino. Direction: from Cubao, simply ride a jeep or an fx going to SSS Village, Calumpang, or Parang Fortune. As soon as you cross the bridge of Marikina, get off and look for Marcos Cruz Street. It's near the tricycle terminal to Malanday.

Casa Feliz Cake Vida Verde Tea (P86) is a refreshing green tea with crispy pistachio wafer, topped with fresh seasonal fruits like kiwi or strawberry. With Chef JV in charged of their menu, no one can go wrong. They also offer pastas, pizzas, quesadillas and other pastries. A big surprise tucked in the very quiet Concepcion Dos district. Visit them at 95 Rainbow St., Hacienda Heights, Concepcion Dos. Email them at with number 933-6653. Direction: ride a jeep or an fx going to SSS Village. Get off at Lilac Street.  Take a short walk pass a local public school and look for Rainbow Street. Click here for their map.

Mama Chit's Cheese Burger (P85) is very tasty and juicy. it's a good place to hangout with friends and family. Their place has a very stylish all-american theme with a mini slot machine, old posters of famous icons like Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe and other Coca-Cola paraphernalia. They're also famous for their giant hamburgers, sandwiches, wraps and cold drinks. You may visit them at #234 JP Rizal St, San Roque; 646-8547, 0923-4230729. You may email them at Direction: ride a jeep going to Calumpang. get off at a gasoline station right after passing San Roque Church.

Marikeños Fried Chicken (P45) is just new yet is fast becoming popular because of its reasonable price and phenomenal taste. Side dishes like mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and mac and cheese are only P20.  All You Can Eat Chicken Promo for only P169 available daily. Check their website for their party packages. They're located at #52 Lilac St., Concepcion Dos; 407-4217. Direction: ride a jeep or an fx going to SSS Village. Get off at Lilac street. Take a short walk pass a local public school and look for their orange and yellow store. You will never miss them. Update: 01/2014 Non-Operational

Dee Coffee House Nachos (P100) is quite a standout. it can be served to 2-3 persons, big enough to be shared with friends and family. they've been around since 1960's. one of their best sellers is their Famous "Coffee House" Hamburger with Chips (P60). Place is perfect for a small meeting. Come see them at #280 JP  Rizal St, San Roque; 646-8549, 0917-9130009. Direction: ride a jeep going to Calumpang. Get off at a gasoline station right after passing San Roque Church. You will easily find them because of their green and brown signage. Update: 01/2014 Non-Operational

Pan de Amerikana Waknatoy (P35) is one of the very reasons why Pan de Amerikana is so popular. It is a Marikina dish, a must-try. Of course, they are Marikina City's most famous pandesal. They also serve Everlasting (P120), like embutido but placed in a llanera, thus resulting its shape. It is good for 3-4 persons, a perfect palaman to their giant pandesal. Come see them at #92 Gen. Ordonez St, Concepcion Dos; 475-2398. Visit their official website for more info. Direction: ride a jeep or an fx going to SSS Village. Get off at the old Baytree place and take a 2-minute walk along Gen. Ordonez Street. Click here for their location map.

Cafe Arabiscato Pata-Tim (P60) is an affordable lunch meal served with rice. it is an oriental food with pork pata, mushroom and mixed vegetables. They also offer breakfast meals, appetizers, grills, pastas, noodles, and others. Popular live bands perform during weekend nights like Imago, 6cyclemind, Callalily and Sandwich. Catch them at #48 Lilac St., Hacienda Heights, Concepcion Dos; 475-0854, Direction: ride a jeep or an fx going to SSS Village. Get off at Lilac Street. Take a 3-minute walk pass a local public school. Look for their big sign. Update: 01/2014 Non-Operational

Locupleto Cafe Ham and Cheese (P75) is served with chips and drinks. Very affordable. If you're searching for something light yet delicious and satisfying, make sure you try this one. Visit their shop along Toyota Avenue; 386-2994, Direction: ride a jeep or an fx going to SSS Village or Parang. Get off at the Marikina Sports Center and take a short walk to Toyota Street. Note: store will be closed on august 15 for renovation. Reopening will be announced. Update: 01/2014 Non-Operational

Cafe Lidia Chocolate Paradise (P85) is a very thick dark chocolate layers of sponge cake with a little hint of coffee and caramel, a perfect ending to a perfect meal. They're easily becoming the crown of Calumpang. Their huge menu is filled with salads, steaks, pastas, desserts, etc. Rave reviews of their foods are now scattered all over the internet.  Best-sellers are their steaks, 12 inch pizzas, buffalo wings, seafood pastas, and their sandwiches served with french fries. Location is at # 64 Calderon St; 647-7606, Direction: ride a jeep going to Calumpang and get off along Calderon Street. Very easy to find.

Bacolod Chicken Parilla Inasal Chicken (P80) is their house specialty, tasty and oozing with juiciness. I could not count how many times I've eaten here. Personal favorites include spare ribs, sizzling pork sisig, inasal pak-pak and the black sambo. They are becoming Marikina Heights' hidden gem. lighting and interiors are quite impressive and the staffs are friendly and courteous. Visit them at Circle Mall Extension, Marikina Heights; 381-1199. Direction: ride a jeep or an fx going to SSS Village or Parang Molave. Get off at Meralco Marikina branch, then ride a tricycle to Bacolod Chicken Parilla near Circle Mall.


Anonymous said...

chief you forgot to include J.E.K.(formerly known as papajeks).must try: flaming chicken,spicy squid and dinakdakan(highly recommended).


Papichulo168 said...
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BLUE said...

Try Red's Tapsilogan as well, it is located in San roque j-abad santos. malapit sa San Roque elementary school. Masarap ang tapsi nila (45.00) lng

Anonymous said...

Dapat sinama nyo rin po yung Nachos, Spicy Chicken Feet at Crispy Pata sa 3rd Floor Bar and Grill... eto po fan page nila

Anonymous said...

Asan yung yohel's bagnet station? Dapat kasama yun dito hehehe

Anonymous said...

Vivian's? I like their tapsi and all the other filipino dishes... There's also a small carinderia in marikina riverbanks just beside Ecom building, where they serve all kinds of "silog" for only 45php and u get to choose a side dish which happens to be another main course. Ex. tocilog with a side dish of either bacon, tapa, longganisa etc. :) and mind you, the serving is awful lot! Sulit bah!

Anonymous said...

Try Chawarma baabique along Lilac street try their Shawarma,Sizzling Shawarma,Shawarma rice, Barbecue and isaw very yummy.must try!

Anonymous said...

How about Lola Helens Panciteria?

Ivan Masangkay said...

Dont forget BOYONG's! Mahaba lang ang pila ...pero worth it and very affordable...half pounder burger,carbonara,seafood creamy pesto ,dinuguan,grilled chicken and lot more!

Anonymous said...

Hi, how do I get to Lilac (at Mogu Tree specifically) from SM Masinag? Thanks.

lovely rolen Sulatorio said...

Hi pls help me. We really want to go to lilac street. Saan po sasakay if galing chestnut street where i'm staying or kahit sa marikina sports center nalang po galing.