Marikina City Health Office Directory

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Marikina City Health Office

Marikina Health City Center
Shoe Ave., Bgy. Sto. Niño, Marikina City.
Tel. No.: 942-2359
Balubad Health Center & Lying-In Clinic
Balubad St., Nangka, Marikina City.
Tel. No.: 400-8668
Barangka Health Center
Paspasan St., Barangka, Marikina City.
Concepcion Dos Health Center
Pio del Pilar St., Concepcion Dos, Marikina City.
Tel. No.: 942-0563
Concepcion Uno Health Center
A. De Leon St., Concepcion Uno, Marikina City.
Tel. No.: 622-7527
IVC Health Center
O. de Guzman St., Olandes Industrial Valley, Marikina City.
Tel. No.: 369-8254
Jesus Dela Peña Health Center
Malvar St., Jesus Dela Peña, Marikina City.
Tel. No.: 948-0412
Kalumpang Health Center
Calderon St., Kalumpang, Marikina City.
Tel. No.: 622-4700
Malanday Health Center
Bulelak St., Malanday, Marikina City.
Tel. No.: 532-2192
Marikina Heights Health Center
Champagnat cor. East Drive Sts., Marikina Heights, Marikina City.
Tel. No.: 622-8143
Nangka Health Center
Makabayan St., Nangka, Marikina City.
Tel. No.: 586-4836
Parang Health Center
B.G. Molina cor. Paraluman Sts., Parang, Marikina City.
Tel. No.: 943-0463
Pugad Lawin Health Center
Champaca II, Fortune, Marikina City.
Tel. No.: 943-1283
San Roque Health Center
M. Roxas St., San Roque, Marikina City.
Tel. No.: 532-2233
Sta. Elena Health Center
Shoe Ave., Sta. Elena, Marikina City.
Tel. No.: 532-2230
Sto. Niño Health Center
E. Santos St., Sto. Niño, Marikina City.
Tel. No.: 942-0082
Tañong Health Center
Don Gonzalo Puyat St., Tañong, Marikina City.
Tel. No.: 577-1174
Tumana Health Center
Bagong Farmers Avenue, Concepcion Uno, Marikina City.
Tel. No.: 943-1286

Marikina Health City Center Floor Directory
Shoe Ave., Bgy. Sto. Niño, Marikina City.
Tel. No.: 942-2359

1st Floor

  • Clinical Laboratory (Tel. No.: 942-0831)
  • Drug Testing Center
  • Sputum Microscopy
  • Social Hygiene Clinic
  • Medical Clinic (Tel. No.: 942-2497)
  • Sanitation
  • Burial / Exhumation / Cremation Permits
  • Health Certificate Issuance
  • X-Ray Section
  • Dental Clinic (Tel. No.: 997-6547)
  • Multi-Specialty Clinic
  • Cough Center
  • Satellite Treatment Center
  • Cashier
  • 2nd Floor

  • Health Zone (Tel. No.: 997-6547)
  • Health Information Center
  • Health Emergency Management System

  • 3rd Floor

  • Senior Citizen’s Clinic (Tel. No.: 948-0979)
  • Senior Citizen’s Wellness Center
  • Center for Special Children
  • Breast Health Care Clinic
  • ENT / Surgery / Optha Clinic / Smoking Cessation Clinic
  • Animal Bite Treatment Center
  • Adult Vaccination Center
  • Ultrasound (Tel. No.: 997-1021)
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG) (Tel. No.: 997-1021)
  • Marikina Youth Health and Adolescent Wellness Center (Tel. No.: 948-8925)
  • Marikina City Satellite Treatment Hub (Tel. No.: 948-8925)
  • 4th Floor

  • Eye Center (Tel. No.: 942-4706)
  • Dialysis Center (Tel. No.: 571-9285)
  • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic (Tel. No.: 881-3961)
  • Central Supply Room

  • 5th Floor

  • Population Management Office (Tel. No.: 997-4130)
  • Ambulatory Surgical Clinic
  • Bilateral Tubal Ligation
  • Non-Scalpel Vasectomy
  • Nutrition Center (Tel. No.: 997-4130)
  • Healthy Food Station
  • Cold Chain Management
  • 6th Floor

  • Office of the City Health Officer
  • Office of the Assistant City Health Officer
  • Administration Office (Tel. No.: 942-2359)
  • Environmental Health and Sanitation Office (Tel. No.: 942-2359)
  • Blood Station
  • TB Quality Assurance Center
  • Technical Section (Tel. No.: 997-1013)
  • Computer Room