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Who is Marikeño? 
  • The administrator of the Marikeño blog is Wencel, a proud Marikeño. Has been doing professional blogging since 2004. A web designer, layout artist, a photographer. Also owns Biyaheng Pinoy and Surviving Sagada.
What is Marikeño? 
  • Marikeño is your ultimate Marikina website that promotes tourism in Marikina City since 2006. We feature people, food, places, events, shoes, just about anything Marikina. We are NOT affiliated with the local government of Marikina City.
Can you feature our business? How much? How does it work?
  • If we've heard of you and we would like you to be featured in our blog,  we will contact you. We will drop by your place and provide you our contact information so we can communicate via email. Proposals are sent thru email only.  However,  you can also email us your invitation. We will check the place or your product first before we give you an answer. Marikeño has all the rights to choose who we should feature.  Being featured in Marikeño is totally free.  
Do you accept paid advertisements? How do we advertise thru this website?
  • Yes. We accept paid advertisements.  Putting an ad or being a sponsored ad in the blog has a special rate. We can put your business on the sidebar of our blog or we can advertise your business thru our Facebook fan page. Email us if you want to know more or click here to message us.
We were featured in your blog and we'd like you to remove your negative comment on us.
  • We don't remove negative comments.  Please be reminded that even though the owner of this blog receives compensation or benefits for our posts or advertisements, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on the business place that we visited. The views and opinions expressed on our blog are purely ours. We hope that you will also find them to be just and true. However, you may improve your product and maybe your service so our readers' would think otherwise.
There are some articles that needed to be updated. I would like to become a contributor to your blog. There are some articles that needed to be corrected. I would like to join your next food trip. I want to meet your group.
  • Email us at info@marikeno.com or click here to message us.
What are M-Coupons?
  • M-Coupons are Marikeño-Coupons that you can download on your phone or computer and print to avail promos, discounts and freebies on your favorite Marikina establishments. These are free to download and can be shared to your friends and families. Just show the printed coupons or show them on your phone to enjoy your privileges. Soon, we will upload them here so please keep on visiting us. You own an establishment in Marikina and you want to take part in our M-Coupon? If you are willing to offer discounts and freebies on your products or services, kindly write us an email at info@marikeno.com so we can give you complete details.
Who are your official mascots?
  • We have two official mascot characters for Marikeño: KENO, a male kid, whose name was taken from our website's name was first introduced to the reading public via our Facebook page on September 28, 2014 as Niño. It was later changed to Keno.  MARI, a female kid, whose name was also taken from our website's name was introduced on February 3, 2023.  Together, they are MARI-KENO. They both represent the Marikeños and Marikeñas, our followers, lovely citizens of our dear city. You may check their photos on our website's header. 
What is MarikeñoPLUS?

  • We are very excited to add this segment in this website that features non-Marikina based businesses but are still accessible to the Marikeños. We can now feature food, people and events in Pasig City, Quezon City, Antipolo City and the rest of Rizal. Click here to read more about it.