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Onsen by BoyNita


Onsen by BoyNita is your newest stylish resort located right in the very center of Marikina City.   It has that fresh industrial-like design that is perfect for both the young and the old. Inspired by the Japanese word, onsen, which means a hot spring. It is a heated jacuzzi pool that can help you eliminate stress and promotes well-being. They also have regular pool to those who want to escape the summer heat. 

  • The pool and common area is huge. It can accommodate up to 25 people at the same time. 
  • It has 3 big bedrooms.  Each bedroom can accommodate 4 (to 5) people.
  • It has one private bathroom and toilet in the master bedroom upstairs.  One shared toilet and one shared bathroom for the other two rooms. Also a full bathroom and a shower room downstairs.
  • It is a very quiet neighborhood. Super relaxing. 
  • It has a spacious kitchen with an induction cooker, an induction pan, a fridge, sink and free purified drinking water. 
  • An entertainment area for watching Netflix and Youtube shows.
  • Safe parking for two cars. 
  • Place is equipped with monitoring CCTV cameras 24/7.
  • Fast fiber internet (200mbps).
  • A regular pool and a heated jacuzzi pool. 
  • Staff are friendly and very attentive.
  • You may order your favorite BoyNita ihaw ihaw favorites or from Food Panda and Grabfood.
  • They offer massage from their exclusive partner. 
  • They have free board games to play with. 

  • Karaoke sessions are highly discouraged as it is a residential area.
  • Hot shower was not working in the master bedroom's bathroom (Update: It had been fixed). 
  • You need to enter your own Netflix account to their smart television's app. 

Onsen by BoyNita is your perfect summer getaway if you are searching for relaxation and tranquility. We highly recommend them not just for their heated jacuzzi pools but for the serenity of the place. I assure to you that by the time that you leave the place, your mind, body and soul will be fully rejuvenated, your energy restored. They are located at 18 Jersey Street, Rancho 4 West, Concepcion Dos.  For your questions on their current rate and availability, you may call them at 0966-6144476 or email them at

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Keila's Bike Shop Marikina Bodega

Keila's Bike Shop Marikina Bodega is the biggest and the grandest bike store in Marikina City. Period. For Ella and April who started this colossal business, it was not always a beautiful story and it was surely not a walk in the park. But let me tell one thing. this story had a really bad beginning and a triumphant ending. This is their inspirational story that started with just one bike. 

April worked in a bank while she supported her siblings with their school tuition. Life was not easy for April as she was working so hard as a sister and as mother to her husband and kid. Not too long, Ella got out of prison under DSWD from a 3-year imprisonment. Her case was dismissed and legal action was terminated. She was just 20 years old. Trying to make things right, she started to sell things online, things like fishball and kikiam. This was her own way of coping to improve the quality of her life and its livability.  She wanted to prove to her family that she was dead serious in becoming a changed woman.  She was not earning enough and she needed great help.

Undecidedly, she borrowed money from the person she trusted most, April. She promised April that she would use the money to run an online bike store and that she would give her her cut of the profit by simply becoming her financer. Without any hesitation, April lent her the money through the help of her partner and started the business.  Little did they know that it was just start of something really big. April eventually helped with the business' finance, marketing and networking while Ella did the selling. 

Business was doing quite well for both of them They switched from an online store and turned their home into a bike bodega. They were selling 25 bikes a day and they had to buy more because they sold out quickly in less a day. Ella and April managed to pay the money back.  On December 2020, they opened their very first bike bodega shop in Lilac Street, Concepcion Dos. 

Photo courtesy of Keila's Bike Shop Marikina Bodega.

It may be a quick road to success for them but it was never easy. All those sleepless nights, hard work, stress and afflictions were paid off with immeasurable achievement and contentment. From a hunble beginning of a bike store with just one mechanic, it is now a bike business empire with many mechanics and staff. It is a company built with love and trust as their foundation. As Ella and April would say: "Oo, inaamin namin, mahirap ang buhay pero kinaya namin. Hindi kami sumuko."

Keila's Bike Shop Marikina Bodega is located at 3 Lilac Street Concepcion Dos Marikina City, Marikina City. You may call them on their business mobile number at 0945 729 9706. They offer delivery, online booking and in-store pickup.

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