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Welcome to Marikeño. This website is based on the Marikina Citizens' Factbook, released in 2007. Inspired by its photographs and informative content, the author decided to make an adaptation of the book and turn it into a website. Photos and videos used for this website were taken by himself, and some of the articles written were taken and of course acknowledged from that same book.

The author, Wencel, born and raised in Marikina City, conceptualized this website in 2006 and created it on 2007. His sole idea is to promote tourism in Marikina City. "Marikina may be a small and quiet city," he thought, "but it has so many things to offer." The people of Marikina City are interesting people to start with. They are happy, loving, obedient, respectful and resilient people. That is what I love about it and I am proud to be a Marikeño. Yes, Marikina has so many things to offer and many Metro Manila residents do not even know that. We just don't have shoes, we also have museums, parks, rivers, clean roads, interesting, rich culture and heritage and we have hundreds of food places you have not even heard of. A whole day of tour is not enough just to see everything.

Come see Marikina City. See it thru Marikeño. Visit usby clicking here and follow us on Facebook for our daily Marikeño posts by clicking here. You may email us at info@marikeno.com.