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Flat Bread Café

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This is their Signature Warm Chocolate Cookie and Iced Cold Milk. Probably our most favorite item on their menu. It was so good it put a big smile on our faces. Cookie was served hot, chewy and gooey, partnered with a big bottle of cold milk.
Flat Bread Café is composed of several young successful entrepreneurs and individuals who just want to share their great love and passion for cooking and food. They find joy in grouping their selves together. They rely on each other on creativity and talent to be able to share it to the people of Marikina.

They first opened at Crave Park in October 2016 where they were embraced with open arms. However, because of some restrictions on their menu, Flat Bread has finally decided to open their very own café on May 14, 2017 where they serve everything that we love. Do not worry, Crave Park fanatics,  Flat Bread has not left Crave Park. Remember their Smores on a Bread made it to our Top #2 on our Crave Park Special? Click here to read it.

With the Flat Bread Team
Shrimp Po Boy is loaded with juicy shrimps and smothered by lots of cheese.
Are you bored with your everyday food? You want to be challenged? Try this if you aren't a coward. Try Flat Bread's Korean Beef and Kimchi Flat Bread. Soft and fluffy bread topped with real beef and kimchi on top.
Flat bread can be very versatile. You can literally put anything on top of it and love it dearly. You can make it into a Philly Cheesesteak, Beef Kimchi, Meaty Pizza, Smores Flat Bread and many more. It is a combination of something that is both new yet familiar.  Why do you have to check their café? Regular and new customers of their store in Crave Park need to come to Flat Bread Café because they have a much bigger space, a bigger menu and more food to choose from. They do not just offer flat breads anymore. They have full meals, breakfast, desserts and of course, their much loved flat breads. The Flat Bread Team are mean foodies. When it comes to food, they are serious.
Yummy yummy Fish and Chips by Flat Bread. Battered deep-fried fish topped with potato crisps, vegetable sides and capers. Less the guilt because it is fish. 
Chicken Supreme, tender but a little dry. Still tasty though although not our favorite.
Beef Pot Roast is our favorite rice meal. Slowly cooked over low heat. Very tender and so tasty.
Tres Leches is soft and moist. Not too sweet, made just right.
Creme Brulée tasted good. A little dry though and not as creamy as we though it should be. Presentation was impressive though and very pleasing to the eye with a very thin hard caramel on top. Was not our favorite but you should give it a try.
Flat Bread's version of Cabanatuan Longganisa, Spam and Eggs and Garlic Yakiniku Beef Tapa.
Their Corned Beef was really good and juicy. Matched with hash brown and fried eggs.
Flat Bread offers a really great breakfast lineup. They have everything you want from Cabanatuan Longanisa, Spam Brekkie, Gourmet Sardines Flakes, Garlic Yakiniku Beef Tapa and more. My personal favorite is their Corned Beef which tasted really good. It was not too salty with eggs cooked perfectly. One thing that I assure you, they know sh#t about eggs. Just tell them how you want them, whether you want them sunny-side up, scrambled or omelet. They surely know how to do them right. Try their breakfast daily from 7AM to 10AM.

Flat Bread Café is a perfect hangout for friends and families. They don't just offer good comfort foods but reasonably priced as well. They have breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. They also serve pork, beef, chicken, fish and desserts. They have everything you are looking for. Visit them daily from 7AM to 10PM along Sparrow Street, New Marikina Subd., San Roque, Marikina City. Click here to see the map for directions.

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Mr. Park's Bread and Cake

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Mr. Park's Bread and Cake Marikina opened on March 23, 2017 and promised to bring the best of Korea to the Marikeño consumers. They are more than just a bread, pasty and cake shop. They also offer coffee, tea, frappes and even meals. Visit their Marikina branch at the group floor of Cordova Towers, Marquinton Residences, Sto. Niño, Marikina City from Mondays to Sundays, 5:30am to 10:30pm. We love Mr. Park's for so many reasons:

They give each customer special treatment, whether they are regular or new customers. All staffs are friendly and courteous. They all served us with big smiles.

Their store has this cozy warm touch to it. One can simply enjoy and relax while enjoying a cup of hot coffee. Their breads and cakes are healthy and have probiotics.  No added preservative. Bread are fresh and delivered daily.  Foods are inspired by Koreans who are known for being health buffs.

Pane Pasta (Php190) is so rich and flavorful.  Thick pasta noodles placed inside a nicely toasted bread bowl with rich creamy white sauce and shredded bacon. Not oily. I really felt I was in heaven. Simply flavorful. No wonder this is one of their best sellers.

Tteokbokki (Php190) 떡볶이 (pronounced as toboki or topoki) is a popular Korean snack that you often see in Korean dramas and programs. It is made from traditional Korean rice cake, Odeng (fish cake) and Gochujang or red chili paste. If you are wild and want to be suprised, you'd better try this wild dish. It is a perfect dish to be paired with their Pane Pasta. You will be transported to Korea.


They have dozens of pastries to choose from: from baguette, croissants, tarts, cream puffs, etc. Our group's favorite is probably the Sausage Pizza Bread (photo above). It is cheesy and has a distinct Korean taste that Marikeños will surely like as well. I also love their croissants. They have a nice texture and flaky. Just the way I want it. The Cream Cheese Puffs were also delicious. Pure divine.

Have you eaten authentic Korean Bingsu in Marikina? Yes, it is Bingsu Kingdom at Mr. Park's Bread and Cake. Bingsu is like Korean's version of our Halo Halo but with both traditional and modern ingredients. Their Green Tea Bingsu is probably their best in their menu so we've tried it.  It is a flavorful, cool and visually appealing dessert. Made from perfectly shaved green tea ice, sweetened with condensed milk and topped with red beans and chopped almonds. Oreo Bingsu is also good for those with sweet tooth. Made from powdered Oreo cookies, shaved ice and sweet milk.

Mr. Park's also serves the best frappes in town. They have Vanilla Frappe and Javachip Frappe.  They do not just look beautiful but they taste great as well. They may look very sweet but they are actually not.  Koreans are not really fond of sweet and salty food. So their frappes taste just right. We've also tried their Hot Green Tea Latte which we highly recommend. It is your perfect cup on a rainy afternoon. Their Yujacha (Honey Citron) and Pink Lemonade are served fresh and really cold.

Mr. Park's Bread and Cake Marikina is a perfectly good place to those who like to enjoy a slow afternoon while enjoying a good meal and some cool desserts. Their main competitors are Goldilocks for their cakes, Starbucks for their frappes and Pan de Manila for their bread. But at Mr. Park's they have all that. And the best thing about them is their excellent service. We will surely come back.

Cons: 1. They do not have an oven for baking. They bake their breads and cakes daily in Parañaque and delivery them to their branches. 2. They do no have a dedicated parking area. So you may have to park your vehicles in Marquinton Mall.

Pros: 1. They give each customer special treatment, whether they are regular or new customers. 2. Their store has this homey atmosphere where one can enjoy a simple meal or chat with friends and family over a cup of hot coffee. 3. Their breads are healthy. No preservatives added. Rich in probiotics. Probiotics are good live bacteria that are good for the healthy and digestive system. 4. Most of their food and beverages are not too salty and not two sweet.

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