Hannsmat Restaurant


Hannsmat Restaurant is a beloved restaurant located right in the heart of our dear city, faced a daunting challenge when a devastating typhoon struck the city. The typhoon wreaked havoc, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Despite the overwhelming challenges they faced, Hannsmat managed to withstand the storm and emerge as a symbol of resilience in their community. The restaurant's survival can be attributed not only to its business but also to its commitment to serving good comfort food that brings joy to its patrons.

With a menu filled with delectable delights, Hannsmat has become a culinary haven for the people of Marikina. The restaurant's mouthwatering dishes, prepared with passion and expertise, have captured the hearts and taste buds of its loyal customers. In the aftermath of the typhoon, Hannsmat's reopening became a beacon of hope for the community, providing a continuing sense of normalcy and a place where people could find comfort and joy as they celebrate the flavors of life. Through their dedication, Hannsmat continues to uplift the spirits of its customers, reminding them that even in the face of adversity, joy and delicious meals can still be found.

Cucumber salad is refreshing and a delightful blend of crisp cucumbers, tangy vinegar dressing, and a generous slices of onions and tomato, creating a burst of cool flavors and colors on a hot summer day.

Chicharon bulaklak is very crispy and flavorful. It can be enjoyed with or without rice. 

Buttered shrimp is succulent and plump, sautéed in a rich blend of garlic, melted butter, and aromatic herbs which gifted our taste buds with delightful explosion of flavors and silky texture that melted in my mouth with every bite.

T-bone steak was perfectly grilled and seasoned, sided with mashed potato and mixed vegetables. It was a carnivorous delight to a steak enthusiast like me. 

Lechon kawali was super crunchy and perfectly seasoned. A traditional Filipino pork dish that is popular for its crispy skin and very juicy meat. 

Beef caldereta has tender chunks of beef, slowly cooked and simmered in a rich tomato-based sauce. Added with a generous amount of red bell peppers, crushed peppers, carrots and baked potatoes. It was the ultimate comfort food that we were looking for. 

Korean chicken wings is cooked just right. Cooked in the popular Korean yangnyeom chicken style, smothered in red gochujang sauce and sesame seeds.

At Hannsmat Restaurant, you will surely have an enjoyable and unforgettable dining experience as you savor their food while being serenated by a good musician. Savor their mouthwatering food cooked to perfection by their trained chef, serving with a side of warm hospitality. 

They are located at #79 Street Mary's Avenue, Provident Village, Tañong, Marikina City. Open daily from 4PM to 2AM. You may contact them for reservation at 09173085526 / 09165779449. Also visit their HD Cafe by Hannsmat.