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Welcome to Marikeno Blog. This blog is based on the Marikina Citizens' Factbook, released in 2007. Inspired by its photographs and informative content, the owner of this blog decided to make an adaptation of the book and turn it into a blog. Photos and videos used in this blog were taken by himself, and some of the articles written were from that book.

If you know someone from Marikina that is interesting or if you know a beautiful house or a nice garden within the city, or maybe if you think you should be featured in this blog, please let us know. Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions by clicking on the "comment" link located under this post.

If you are into photography, videography, writing, poetry, painting, anything artistic, that you think will contribute to this blog, you can become a Marikeno Correspondent in your own barangay. You can take pictures, shoot videos and create a painting about Marikina and have them featured here. Email us a letter explaining why you want to join us and please also send us your resume at info@marikeno.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. P
lease support the Marikeno blog.


Anonymous said...

I am from E dela Paz St in Sto Nino and now living in New Zealand for 12 years. This blog is great. It makes me feel like I'm home.

Anonymous said...

let me just commend you on the beautiful photograph used on this blog, really beautiful!

Anonymous said...

great pictures. I happen to pass by IVC a lot and saw these colorful structures facing the highway (if your going to Libis).I think it's called Dutch? Wanna see how it looks in pics and wat's it about.

AJ said...

yes. i would like to take part..i've had my own tale of what marikina and its people is all about..

il be home by dec to jan..im presently in the mideast.

looking forwrd to contribute to this wonderful site :)