By the Window

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An old woman from Sta. Elena was talking to herself by the window. She sounded like she was arguing with someone, whoever that is.


Allan Hernandez said...

hi wence,

i know this woman. I know because i grew up in the street where she lives. I don't know her first name but she is an Isidro. her grandson is a friend. Her daughter owns a sari-sari store there and i used to buy a lot from her back then. Why she lost her sanity is odd, it just happened. She looks very frail and old now, but she used to be very beautiful in the way women in old sampaguita movies are.

The street where she lives is so full of stories. My dream is to one day write all about them in a book of fiction.


Anonymous said...

wow, you actually know this woman? thank you allan for answering some of my questions about this woman. after i took this picture, i would like to knock on her door and maybe try to talk to her. anyway, i thought that the street where she lives in is a very interesting place. there is something nostalgic about that place. maybe you can help me take pictures in your street allan.