An Innocent Smile

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I remember watching Uncle Bob Lucky 7 Club when i was little and each week they would pick the best smile among their kids audience and its audience would show their sweeest smiles to the camera. This is my new feature in this site and I will call it the Smile Pictures where Marikenos show their best smiles.

This is the best smile that I've seen so far since I've started the Marikeno blog. I saw this Tumana kid when I was taking pictures of the river during the recent typhoon. I will post more smile pictures in this blog. Hope you will like this.


filipinon said...

what a young, happy, innocent smile. we shud all embrace these moments and find opportunities when we can be just as happy.

Unknown said...

^ *should..
Wow this photo is inspiring! I live in Tumana and as we all know, it is one of the most heavily devastated barangays in Marikina during flood seasons and being taga-Tumana, it's not easy to move on from these great disasters especially when you experience them first hand (I'm talking mainly about Ondoy) Now because of this smiling kid,I'm temporarily forgetting the trauma the high waters of ondoy had caused me.. thank you