Evolution Park

Evolution Park is a lush landscaped haven. The dairy-farm theme, complete with 18 life-size replicas of cows, pays homage to the beginnings of the Evolution Park as the then-only grazing farm in the city.

To get to the Evolution Park, you can ride a jeep with a Tierra Monte signage and get off at the C&P Mall, also know as S'Mall. You can also ride a jeep or an FX going to SSS Village. Get off at Meralco  corner of Molave Street.  Then ride a tricycle located right next to Jollibee and get off at the C&P Mall.


mainitnasabaw said...

wow. nice blog. i love evolution park. i live nearby this park. i had a photowalk a while ago there

Anonymous said...

you blog is so nice.

husband and I loves Marikina and enjoying every moment we have in such a clean and organized town.

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Have fun and meaningful day,

Zim said...

Wow! This is such a great blog! I live in Marikina too, and this park's right in front of our village. Great job! Keep it up!

rodel banares said...

thanky ou for the wonderful posts about marikina. i live in marikina and want to explore everything you've posted in your blog. more power! cheers!

Anonymous said...

I love the shot. I walk this stip everyday, never knew it could look this attractive after a little photo touch up. Am so proud of Marikina. Especially Marikina Heights.