A Shoe That Is a Store

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At first, I thought this is just another attraction that our city mayor has come up with. The second time i saw it, it has a window, a person sitting inside of it, and some panindas. It took me a while before the image registered in my mind and realized that it was actually a sari-sari store. I really like the concept of putting a convenient store inside a shoe. It is very original. This shoe relocates every once in a while. It was first sitting next to the Shoe Museum, which in my opinion is the perfect place for it to be in. It was relocated to the Museo Marikina along Shoe Avenue.  It is currently located at the Marikina DEL Zapateros in San Roque.


Anonymous said...

oh my! is this really a sari sari store :) i thought it was just a design or something hehehe :) nice work though...