Casa Feliz

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A Sweet Place in Marikina by Vena Samson

Chef JV of Casa Feliz is the brain of their pastry and menu list.  He finished his course on culinary arts at the University of Cebu. His favorite chef is Anthony Bourdain of the travel program called "No Reservation." Though he became popular in this restaurant, being praised for his creations, he's generous enough to even extend his assistance by also being a waiter that served the meals to the customer's table. In spite of this, he didn't want his face to be the first image to get recognized in their restaurant. He wanted it to be known without needing his name to be associated to it. After our great meal at Casa Feliz, we could say that whether you're a Spanish or a Filipino, it is guaranteed that a visit to this place would be a happy eating experience.  

Chef JV started off with the star of the house, a slice of their famous "Vida Verde Tea" or the Green Tea Pistachio Sansrival Cake. He said that he's inspired by his friend that once said "eat desserts first". Though he didn't elaborate it that much, personally, I thought it meant that the best things should not be kept waiting. with just the right amount of texture and sweetness on the icing, crunchiness of pistachio nuts, and the slight chewiness when you bite the layers of its crust, this is truly a mouth-watering dessert. And not just all that. atop of it were fresh slices of kiwi fruit, a seasonal and imported fruit that proved that it's their masterpiece. Their pistachio nuts were supplied by a known company in the country. It's best served during breakfast and it's perfectly matched with a cup of hot espresso or cappuccino.  Read More...