The Hidden Korean Place

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The Hidden Korean Place is run by two young individuals both sharing the same passions and dreams. They're just amateur cooks that never studied the art of cooking. All they know was that they both loved to cook and eat. Sharing the same interest, they've decided to open up a small business where guests can taste authentic home style Korean food. Update: They've closed. Will announce once they re-opened.

The place's actually a house that was turned into a food place. It was the peace and silence that they loved mostly about it. Why HIDDEN? It's basically because the place is hidden beneath the mango trees.  Some might find if hard to find the place without a sketch so make sure you ask for them to email you a sketch of their location.  Here are just some of the food on their menu.

Bibimbab 비빔밥 (p200)
It comes from the Korean words "bibim (비빔) which means "MIX" and bab (밥) which means "rice".  this is one of the most famous Korean dishes to foreigners because of its slightly spicy and sweet taste.  Colorful vegetables enhances its full taste. comes with side dishes.  (photo's above this post)

Bulgogi 불고기 (p250 beef/p200 pork)
Specially marinated barbecued sirloin beef seasoned with soy sauce, shiitake mushroom, sesame oil and some more spices.  A pure joy one's palate.  Comes with rice and side dishes.

Jjajangbab 자장밥 p200
Don't let its appearance fool you. This is our Jjajang rice, also called the black rice, topped with chopped cucumber, with black bean sauce, potato and some meat. A heavy meal for a very heavy eater.  Comes with side dishes.

Kalbi 갈비 (p250 beef/p200 pork)
Chunks of marinated beef rib, seasoned with soy sauce, garlic and sugar. made very spicy with hot pepper paste and powder. Very tasty and full of surprises.  Comes with rice and side dishes.

Odeng soup 오댕국 (p70)
Boiled fish soup is a very simple dish, with flat boiled fish that tastes similar to Filipinos' fish balls and seaweed.  A little salty yet full of flavor.  Perfect soup on a cold rainy night.


Justin said...

Where is this hidden Korean place? is it in Marikina? Please let me know where it is located:)

Kemae de Guzman said...

hi Justin,
This is at Marikina Heights, Marikina City.
Number:(02) 544-1684
Email: hiddenkoreanplace@gmail.com

visit www.glibtongue.blogspot.com