DITO: Bahay ng Sining

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If you are looking for a place cozy enough to read a good book, have a light snack, watch a fun theatrical play or maybe simply hang out with friends, then maybe DITO: Bahay ng Sining is the perfect place for you.

DITO: Bahay ng Sining is a hip new place in the city. They have a small café with very comfy warm interiors with sweet smell of the freshly brewed coffee coming from the counter. They also have a cutesy gallery and a theater. It was started as a space for venue-less artists. The owner of the place was the artistic director of Shaharazade Theater Company before and they always had a difficult time finding a space that would accommodate them while also being budget friendly.

It was my second time to visit this neat place.  The first time was about a month ago and I came to see a show: God of the Machine. The second time, I was not alone and was accompanied by my very good friends, Mitch and MarvinDITO is situated along J. Molina Street, Concepcion Uno.  It is very easy to find.

As soon as we came in, we were immediately greeted by its owner, BJ  Crisostomo IV.  He ushered us right to a nice long wooden table right at the very end.  I can't help but to wander my eyes around, looking at the interior.  They have a chandelier made out of steel, fancy chairs, a huge bookshelf and a 'secret' door.  We had a quick chat with the owner. When we asked BJ why the place is called DITO, he said "It's meant to call attention to the place. Everything is happening here. Here is where art can prosper. It is a home and you are home here. So, welcome!" So what is the main goal of DITO? Their goal is to create a hub for artists who would hopefully collaborate and create wonderful things for the people of Marikina. Marikenos create shoes but we sure have something a lot of other things to offer.

Before our dinner, we were first invited to watch a small skit. We were told by BJ that there would be a surprise wedding proposal so we try not to talk about it or someone would overhear us. It was a very romantic sight.  The girl was a little bit teary eyed and shocked as she saw her boyfriend jumped out of the stage and started playing a guitar and sing to her a song.  She was so not expecting this. I was assuming it was their favorite song (Collide by Howie Day).  Click here to see the actual photo of the skit and the proposal.

Soon enough, it was time for some grub. First served to us was the Inadobong Pasta. A big plate of firm pasta, seasoned with soy sauce, tomato chunks and ground beef.  It is also served with toasted bread.  The serving is big enough for one hungry person.

My favorite is the Fish Finger Platter served with Tartar Sauce.  The fillet was well-breaded and very crunchy.  It blended well with the creamy sauce. Tastes really good. Me and my friend enjoyed it much.  Their Tuna Sandwich tastes okay but was not our top choice.

The evening was concluded with Balls ng Sining.  It is sure hit to everyone, especially to the kids.  Might not have that appetizing appearance but it sure is good.  It is a marshmallow covered in crushed Grahams.  Nice and dry on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside.  
DITO: Bahay ng Sining is probably the best place to chill in Concepcion Uno. Marikina needs a place where artists can think and produce their creative juices.  DITO is the perfect place to do that because it houses great young talents, warm comfortable seats, artsy-craftsy design and light yet healthy foods.  DITO, for me, is heaven.


Anonymous said...

Our favorite hangout place. <3

Donna || HEYLADYSPRING.COM said...

Hello, do you know how to commute to DITO from UP Diliman?

Marikeño said...

Ladyspring, the best way to commute from UP Diliman is by riding the Old Balara - Tumana jeeps. From Tumana, you can ride another jeep to Mercury Drug, Concepcion along JP Rizal and walk to DITO. You can also ride a tricycle from Tumana to DITO. Sorry for the late reply.