Salud's Panciteria

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Finding Salud's Panciteria was like finding the lost pot of gold.  Like a known myth that I've been hearing since I was a child but never saw.  Who knew that they would come knocking on my door.

Salud's Panciteria is the home of Marikina's very famous original Pancit Pinagulong.  It all started way back in 1968 during their humble beginning in a stall located along Mabini Street corner M. Roxas Street, San Roque.  The famous pancit was called Miki Guisado con Lechon then with noodles bought from Ilocos and it was sold for less than a peso an order.  People soon fell in love with it but had a hard time remembering how it was called. They usually refer to Salud's Miki Guisado as "pancit na pinapagulong" because of the way it was cooked, thus the name Pancit Pinagulong, which literally means rolled noodles in English. Salud's soon became a household name and recognized them as the original "Pancit Pinagulong".

Aling Salud became ill in 2005 which caused their business to slowly die down.  They've focused more on improving the owner's fragile health and little by little, their interest in reviving their once strong business was gone. People started to think that they have entirely closed down but the loyal customers kept on visiting their store. 

When Salud passed away in 2011, no one in the family was a bit interested to continue her legacy.  Everybody thought that the pinagulong days were over and left with her, up until the day Salud's daughter-in-law, Chola started cooking. She used to help her mother in managing their restaurant.  Everyone soon realized that her cooking is quite identical to Salud's. The husband, Salud's son, being the biggest food critique in the family who knew the real taste of his mom's cooking, gave the blessing to his loving wife and let her continue the business.

So on May 2014, they've decided to re-open the store. We can now taste the same ol' Pancit Pinagulong again and dine in their newly renovated restaurant. Do not let the "eskinita" fool you. Remember that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Their place is even more homey and has comfortable chairs.  Here are just some of the food we had.

Salud's Fried Rice (photo above, top left) is the Yang Chow fried rice ala Marikeño style. Stir-fried rice with vegetables, eggs and Chorizo de Bilbao. Really bright colors and so delicious. Big serving and perfect for sharing. 

Buttered Chicken (photo above, top right) is Salud's very crispy fried chicken. Topped with buttered vegetables.  Simply one of the best in Salud's. Highly recommended and kids' favorite.  You can never go wrong when you order this.  Goes well with their fried rice.

Lumpiang Shanghai (photo above, bottom left) is your usual fried Chinese spring rolls. Filled with so much meat and vegetables. Paired with their oh-so-good Sweet and Sour Sauce, which in my opinion is the best lumpiang shanghai sauce in Marikina. I've never had anything better than this. Sweet, tangy and slightly spicy. It can be paired with any other fried food.

Torta con Carne (photo above, bottom right) is a pork meat omelette splashed with Salud's secret sauce.  Goes well with regular rice since the taste is so flavorful and rich.  I went hungry just by thinking about it.

Mixed Vegetables is their own version of Chopsuey Guisado. It is a low-calorie food mixed with young corn, broccoli, cauliflower and others.  It is a meal rich in nutrients and good for those who are watching their weight.

So what can people expect from the new Salud Panciteria? Of course, they promise the same old Filipino Chinese food, Salud's Panciteria style, but in a more homey ambiance. I should also add that presentation of their food, just like the other Panciterias in Marikina is simple, but I can guarantee you that the quality is good.

When asked what makes them different from the other panciterias in Marikina? They immediately answered in unison "Our home-made noodles, of course!" I can proudly say that I have tasted their Pancit Pinagulong and it is simply the best of its kind. Makes me even more proud to be Marikeño!

Salud's Panciteria is located along 205 JP Rizal St. San Roque.  They are open from Mondays to Sundary from 8am to 8pm.  They accept advanced orders and big groups.  Call them at (02) 369 4369. View their complete menu by clicking here.


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