Top 5 Goto in Marikina

Goto is one of Marikeños most loved food.  You are not a true Marikeño if you have not tasted it. We dedicate this blog post to all goto business owners in the city. We  now present to you the best goto in the city. We've conducted a survey on August, 2014 via our Facebook fan page and you guys have spoken. We have 5 winners of Marikeño's Top 5 Goto and we have also 5 other winners of People's Choice Top 5 Goto of Marikina.  Thank you guys for voting.

Marikeño's Top 5 Goto:

#5 Goto Bob - We find their goto to be delicious, clean and affordable.  The taste fits the taste of the Marikina people.  We find it to be quite different from its parents' version, Luding's Goto, a popular "gotohan" in Sto. Niño in the 80's. However, they have truly proved to us that they can stand on their own and create their own unique goto taste. They also serve spicy oil for those who like their goto to be spicy. Goto Bob is located along J. Molina St. Concepcion Uno.

#4 Macky's - Their goto's rice is a little overcooked. Maybe that is their cooking style and that could also be the reason why Macky's goto is one of the most popular "gotohan" in the city.  They also serve them hot all the time and very tasty.  Their tokwa't baboy is the best, in my opinion. Not too fatty and served with their secret vinegar. Perfect combination for your goto. A little more expensive than the rest and serving is quite little. They put "dugo (pork blood)" to their goto so be sure to ask them not to put them if you don't like to eat it. Make sure you also order their sago't gulaman. Macky's is located along JP Rizal St. Sta. Elena.

#3 Estela's Goto - They are not just your simple gotohan.  Since they have opened on mid-70's, they were already considered to be one of Marikina's greatest institutions.  They started in a small "silungan" with very low ceiling, yet surpringly, they were always packed with customers. Those were the glory days of Estela's Goto then. Their goto may not taste the same way it used to be but it is still worth for the public to give them another chance.  Make sure you order their tokwa't baboy and saging con yelo.  Enjoy your goto while watching a program on their television. Estela's Goto is located along Villalon St. Sto. Niño.

#2 Colleen's Goto - They are the culinary inheritors of the now defunct "Nanay Ude". Their goto's color is bright so it looks quite inviting and delicious.  Served with beef and onion leeks. Served hot and tastes good.  Paired perfectly with their very own tokwa't baboy, which in my opinion has the best tasting vinegar.  Truly Marikeño.  So how I wish they would open a store so we can experience Colleen's Goto 24/7.  Located along Ming Ramos Street. They don't own a store like they used to so you can only experience Colleen's Goto along the river, near the statue of Marikit.  They open early morning until 11am daily. 

#1 Goto Garahe - Chosen as Marikeño's Top Goto in Marikina City. Delicious, has lots of spices and ingredients. Rice is not overcooked. You can also request them not to put pig's blood. Their tokwa't baboy is also a sure winner!  Has a spacious, well-ventilated store and they filled their walls with retro inspired design. Tip: Mix your tokwa's vinegar to your goto. Goto Garahe is located along JP Rizal St. San Roque.

People's Choice Top 5 Goto in Marikina was a survey we conducted in August via our fan page to find out what goto true Marikeños like.  We have received over 450 votes and we would like to thank everyone who participated.  This survey would not be possible without your help.  Congratulations to all the winners. Goto tayo!



Anonymous said...

I have tried the goto in all those 5 establishments but nothing beats the goto from Mar-Queni Goto haus in Lilac st.