Near Yet Far, Far Yet Near

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Near Yet Far, Far Yet Near is the newest presentation from DITO: Bahay ng Sining's Ikarus. It is in my opinion, probably one of the three best plays in DITO in two years. The play is light, funny, witty and honest. Definitely worth every minute of it. Thanks to the overwhelming writing talents of Paolo Apagalang and Enrique Estagle, the play is well-written.

The play is divided into two separate parts:

One Rainy Evening (written by Enrique Estagle) is about a boy and a girl who used to be so madly in love with each other. The time was April and it is raining. Joseph and Frances are right on the verge of a big fight and a dramatic separation. They are still living together in a one-bedroom apartment yet they are hugely separated emotionally in divisions. Joseph (played by Tarek El Tayech) is already moving on with his single life and started dating other women, yet Frances (played by Trency Caga-anan) is still confined with the thoughts of them being happy and together. The dialogue is minimal yet the silence gives  us impression that they will never be the same again. Simple smile and just the right facial expressions makes this play outstanding and strong. It did not feel like they were acting at all. A good story with a painful ending and is destined to be sad even before the story is written.

Ten Questions (written by Paolo Apagalang) is a modern love story. Ben (played by Guelan Luarca) is living his boring uneventful life until he bumped into Claire (played by Tine Nery), a cute, fun and free spirited girl working in an ad agency. The smart funny lines and cute gestures of both actors make this play an instant hit to its audience. I can't stop my self from laughing too hard while watching the two characters. Now, the big question is, will they have a happy ending? Well that is something for you to find out and see for yourselves.

Near Yet Far, Far Yet Near will have three more shows this April: April 10 Friday at 8pm and April 11 Saturday at 3pm and another show at 8pm. For tickets reservations and group discounts, kindly contact BJ at 0906 4241107.