Butcher's Kitchen by Chef Carlo

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If there is that one place that knows tons about meat, then that would be the Butcher's Kitchen by Chef Carlo. They are currently running their own steak restaurant in Parang, Marikina. It is a great place to start a food business because (1) the competition is not that stiff, (2) not that many restaurants nearby and (3) the rent is a lot cheaper. They are located at General Ordonez corner F. Balagtas, Parang Marikina. You can click here to see their map.  Enough with the long intro.  Here are just some of the excellent food we've had.

Angus Beef Rib Eye Steak (topmost image) is so juicy, tender and very well-seasoned.  I could literally taste the love the chef had put on his food and it was a lot.  The portion was big and has clean presentation.  Every slice was heaven.  One bit of advice: be sure to ask for a medium steak and not well done.  You do not want to eat a hard steak, do you?

Carbonara (image above, top left) is really creamy.  Portion is a little small but ooh I love their presentation.  The plate looked so clean and neat.  Nice color and the pasta has a nice firm texture. Just how I like my pasta.

Chicken Wings (image above, top right) is deep fried chicken sided with their sweet and spicy Thai sauce.   It is crispy and the chicken is well-seasoned. Not oily so you have enjoy it without the greasy fingers. Definitely worth mentioning.

Pande-Burger with Fries (image above, bottom left) is probably one of my most favorite items in their menu.  Buns are so soft and the fries are crispy.  Vegetables are fresh and crisp and patties are tasty. Not salty. Patties are made from pure beef with no MSG. Naturally delish.

Pesto Pasta (image above, bottom right) is my preferred choice of pasta, at least on their menu. I am not really a pesto fan but surprisingly, I loved it. Pasta is cooked just right and the pesto flavor is not over powering.

Australian Lamb Chops is our favorite dish in their entire menu.  I could tell that the lamb meat they've used was young because it was very tasty and so tender.  It does not have that distinct strong lamb smell and our meal was pleasant. We did not expect it to be that good: smoky and flavorful.

Angus Porterhouse Steak tastes really good. I just made a mistake of not asking for a medium rare steak so mine was a little well done. Meat was still tender, just not so juicy anymore.  Nevertheless, we still enjoyed our steak and loved it.

Yes, of course.  A good restaurant will never be complete without a good set of sweet desserts and refreshing beverages.  I am a big root beer float fan so we've ordered their Monster Root Beer (image above, leftmost) which is perfect for sharing.  So big in size that it is really meant for sharing.  Also tried their best thirst quencher, Fresh Lemonade (image above, bottom rightmost) with a dash of fresh bits of mint leaves. If you like dairy products, be sure to have a slice of each of their sinful yet heavenly Ice Cream Cakes: Frozen Banana, Peanut Butter and Oreo Coffee.

Some might think that their prices are a little too steep.  I would say that they are reasonable.  You get what you pay for, thus you only get good service,  good food and good quality of meat.  That is 100% certified pure grade angus meat and we are not joking. They take their meats seriously.  Not to mention their satisfactory service with a heart. So head out of your homes and visit the Butcher's Kitchen by Chef Carlo.