M&J Gastropub

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M&J Gastropub is a newly opened pub along Gil Fernando Avenue, San Roque. Unlike other pubs, this place is good for families and groups who do not like super loud music and crazy atmosphere while enjoying a good meal over good conversation and some really awesome drinks. At M&J Gastropub, you can easily converse with your friends and families while enjoying dinner and listening to their relaxing music. It is a totally new and exciting experience. And the best thing is, they are not expensive at all.

They got its name from the owners, Mike and Jeni who thought of serving high-quality food and refreshing beverages that compliment each other. They've opened their pub to the public on October 2016 for their dry run and has been willingly serving their patrons since. So what makes them different from other pubs in Marikina? While most are entertainment pubs where they play music that are deafening, M&J is a actually a lounge pub where one can actually relax and enjoy good food and drinks. You can eat and drink your stress away while having a pleasant time listening to their smooth music. We had a satisfying meal and chat with one of its owners, Dr. Alano who explained to us some of the dishes we've had.

Jeni's Potato Crave is deep-fried potatoes, sliced with skin then covered in rich flavorful chili con carne and cheese sauce. This is what everyone's starter should be. It has potatoes, a little meat and lots of cheese. Anything with cheese should be a good start.

The Best Chicken Wings is definitely the best tasting chicken wings we've had in Marikina by far. They are marinated overnight and deep-fried to perfection and bathed in their tasty smokey barbecue sauce. Delicious.

Did you know that M&J Gastropub is the first and only carrier of these three unique premium draft beers: San Miguel Super Dry Beer, San Miguel Premium All-Malt Beer and San Miguel Cerveza Negra? They are also one of the very few bars nationwide that carries them. They are just some of the many reasons why you should visit M&J Gastropub.

M&J Luscious Smoky Ribs is probably our group's most favorite item on their menu and the most ordered one, too. It is well-seasoned and well-prepared. The meat is very tender, tasty and moist. Comes with fresh crunchy greens and tomatoes and also mashed potatoes.

Grilled Stuffed Squid with onion, tomatoes, herbs and lots of spices. Came out a little salty but is perfect with white rice. Most grilled squid I've had in the past were too dull and boring but this dish definitely woke up my taste buds.

Savory Sweet and Sour Prawns Pasta is made from fresh prawns sautéed in fragrant garlic and butter then served with rich sauce made from real fresh tomatoes. This is my second most favorite dish in this place.

A pub will never be complete without liquor and M&J Gastropub definitely knows their business well.  They have a wide array of alcoholic beverages, cocktails, whisky, wine, brandy and beers to choose from.  Here, you will also find rare alcohol mixes like Marikit, Marikina Sunshine and Black Jack. You may tweak your own drink and rename it.  They will remember it for you next time you order.

Thank you so much to the entire staffs and management of M&J Gastropub for their very warm welcome and accommodation. We enjoyed the food and they were perfectly complemented by their cool drinks. Visit them along Gil Fernando Avenue in San Roque, Marikina. They are open from Tuesdays to Sundays at 5pm until 2am. Click here for their map.


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