Top Thirteen Foods in Crave Park

Crave Park is a family venture, run by Rob and his family. I received an email invitation from their team to visit them and I got so eager to read it. It would be my first food park adventure and I was dead excited about it. I was very much surprised when I first met Rob. At first, I thought I was exchanging email to a guy in his mid-40's. Instead, I met this really young, bright, well-dressed and sharp looking entrepreneur. He was so glad to show me the place and tell me about the food that they have.

Believe it or not, I was hesitant to go to any food parks. There are so many food to choose from that I  feel so overwhelmed and thought that I would end up making bad food choices. Thus we made this cool article to give our dear readers some ideas on what to try and what to eat, especially if it is going to be your first time to visit Crave Park. So brace yourselves and be ready to be blown away.

Crave Park is your very first food park + art + design place in Marikina City.  It is where food meets arts and the young and old people mingle together.  Choosing their concessionaires is not an easy task. The tenants would all have to go though some strictly screening for taste and quality.  As of today, they have over 26 tenants and literally, thousands of foods to choose from. So if you think that going to Crave Park is just pure fun. No, it can also be very challenging.

Our Team

I've asked help from our team and some very special friends from Milieu Urban Comfort Food, Manganen Bagnet House, Barneys Burger and Ca Phe Saigon. They will all help us with the food evaluation. We are all certified hardcore foodies who have different tastes and style. We are bad and we are hungry. So, did we conquer Crave Park or did Crave Park conquer us? That is the question.

How We've Made Our List

One food park, thirteen foods in one day. Each tenant will share only their most popular item on their menu. We only have 15 minutes to do everything: to take photos of the food, to enjoy them and to evaluate them. We used a standard evaluation form to rate the food. The criteria for judging are: Plating or Appearance (25%), Taste (25%), Quality (25%) and Value (25%). All evaluation forms are collected at the end of the day from all participants. Then their average are computed and announced.

Want to know our thirteen most favorite foods in Crave Park? Check our list and this might save you a lot of time when visiting Crave Park.

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