KALMA Unltd & Grill

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KALMA Unltd & Grill is your hippest and happiest place in the city. I'll give you 3 reasons why. 1. Their restaurant has this youthful friendly vibe. 2. Their pulutan food is the best. 3. They provide exceptional customer service to all their patrons. The first reason was surely good enough to convince me but I will break them all down for you.

Their bar is semi al fresco. It is not airconditioned but well ventilated. Air easily flows from one end to another so you will never leave the place smelling like charcoal.  They do all their grilling at the back of the building so most of the smoke does not get to you.  Their table setting is simple but the ceilings are nicely accented with many tiny incandescent light bulbs which made the mood kind of warm and fuzzy all over. Around 7PM, a live acoustic performer stepped on their humble stage, strummed her guitar then started singing a familiar tune.  The food arrived shortly.

Sizzling Sisig is a hefty meal, literally screaming for hot white rice.  It is a sizzling plate filled with good sins, big slices of chicken liver, pig's ear and pork belly.  I called it the devil's meal. It is a sin that I've always wanted to commit.   Their sizzling tofu is also worth mentioning. 

Lechon Macau is my most favorite dish in their menu. It is new yet it left me the best impression. It has a dark bright yellow brown color. Skin was very crunchy and the meat, so tender. Thin crispy fries was sprinkled on top so it was flowing with a madness of crispiness. It was a wonderful experience.

Spicy Chicken Wings was served with mojo fries and white garlic sauce. It was the perfect definition of the word harmony. The chicken wings were a little spicy and the white garlic sauce went quite well with it. Then concluded with mojo fries cooked just right.   Be sure to also try their overload nachos, fries and specially their very own version of dinakdakan. 

Their staff were probably their biggest asset. They are very friendly and quite helpful. They always served with the biggest smiles and offered help when needed.
KALMA Unltd & Grill is the hottest music and food hub in Marikina.  They are fast becoming the most popular and most talked about bar in Marikina City. Enjoy the food, the vibe, the music and the company of your bestest friends in KALMA.  They are located at 36 P. Paterno Street, Parang Marikkina. Open daily from 4PM to 12MN. You may easily find them on Google Maps and/or Waze.