Inarawan Coffee


Inarawan Coffee is probably one of the best coffees I've tasted in Marikina. They process their coffee manually, slowly with such accuracy. They take their coffee seriously and what I received was a cup of unexpected wonder. 

The lot where their building stood had a weird shape thus explained the building's unique form and design. It has a bike lane on one side and a street on the other, so the location was also peculiar. However, I still found it to be very interesting. The shop was not fully finished yet when we visited so we were not allowed to see the second floor.  The walls and ceilings were painted in black which gave the shop  a gloomy yet cozy Gotham feel to it. Surprisingly, their coffees and food lived up to my expectation.

Iced Arabica was strong and perfect for coffee enthusiasts like me.  It was bold and has this robust flavor.  It was served with lots of ice, just the way I wanted it. A good choice for a slow lazy afternoon and perfect to savor with friends.

Iced Salty Cream Barako has that solid body and a light bitter aftertaste. Topped with thick salty cream, perfect to those who want it to be both strong and creamy.

Iced Spanish Latte combines rich and smooth espresso taste. It surely gave me that great indulgent coffee experience. 

Iced Blended Cookies and Cream is a fun childlike drink. It is recommended to those that crave a sweet creamy cookie taste. A lovely rewarding beverage treat for a quick break. 

Iced Blended Double Chocolate is a devilish drink that comes with whipped cream, ice, milk and chocolate syrup. It is both indulgent and refreshingly sweet, a must-ty to all chocolate lovers.

Green Apple + Curacao Fruit Tea is a personal favorite. It is not too sweet yet tangy and super refreshing. It is your one-way ticket to summerville. 

Carlsen's Favorite is a light staple American style breakfast with waffle, Hungarian sausage, chicken nuggets, butter and maple syrup.  

Nic's Platter comes with longganisa and bacon instead. If you think that's not healthy, you can also choose their Buttered Croissant instead. We also recommend you try their oatmeal cookies. They're divine.

Inarawan Coffee is high quality yet affordable coffee shop that is perfect to those who are not hurrying. From their cozy atmosphere to their authentic experience, strong brewed coffee and delicious pastries.  I will definitely come back to this coffee heaven.  They are located at #2 Sampaguita Street, San Isidro II, Concepcion Uno. Open daily from Mondays to Thursdays 9AM-10PM, Fridays 9AM-11PM and Saturdays to Sundays 7:30AM - 11PM. You may call them at 0945 694 2328 for your orders and inquiries.  Click here to view their most recent menu with updated pricing.