1975 Old Fashioned Burgers

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1975 Old Fashioned Burgers is the latest trend in the Marikina burger scene. Cheesy burgers and fries are the epitome of good comfort food, a delish combination which does not fail to satisfy one's cravings. They are your perfect place if you are looking for juicy, flame-grilled patty nestled between soft, toasted buns, oozing with melted cheese that stretches with every bite. The cheese adds a creamy buttery richness that complements the charred meat, creating a harmonious blend of flavors.

Their burger normally comes and paired with a side of golden, crispy fries. It is the perfect accompaniment for the meaty goodness of their burgers. Whether enjoyed at a casual diner or savored at home, 1975 Old Fashioned Burgers with their cheesy burgers and fries are an irresistible treat that puts a big smile to any food lover's face. 

You may contact this number to order and for your inquiries at 0927 2539416. Opens daily: 

Monday: 12:30pm to 9:00pm | Tuesday to Sunday: 11:00am to 12:00mn