Top Thirteen Foods at The Truck Park

We came to the Truck Park, we've conquer and we got really full.   Just like in our previous food park feature, we wrote this article to help you choose your food on your first visit to Truck Park. We hope that you will also try other food stalls that are available. So guys, here are our top thirteen favorite foods at the Truck Park.

How we evaluated our top 13? There are 13 guest evaluators, composed of young talented individuals from all walks of life: from a professional teacher, licensed engineer, store manager, IT expert, professional blogger, visual artist, radio jockey, young entrepreneur, bright students, etc. We invited them to taste 13 different foods from 13 different stalls at the Truck Park. They were handed an evaluation form each which they have to submit at the end of the day. Each food will be rated for the following categories: plating or appearance, taste, quality and value for money. Score of 10 will be the highest and 1 is the lowest. Forms will be collected and scores will be averaged. Food will be ranked based on their total average. Have any idea on who our top thirteen are?

#13 Foodstix's Deep-Fried Lobster Balls served with sweet chili sauce. A perfect quick snack for the entire gang. Try it with their massive pitcher of red iced tea. Affordable and not messy to eat. Price: Php128 | Score Average: 8.26

#12 Mangkok's Soups & Spoon's Hot Hot Laksa is your perfect soup this rainy season.  A big hot steamy bowl of their flavorful Laksa filled with  different herbs and spices. Marikeños will surely love their Laksa. It has a clean refreshing after taste and not oily at all. Price: Php219 | Score Average: 8.29

#11 Xurreria's Classic Churros with Chocolaty Dip is a is a sweet snack consisting of a strip of fried dough pastry dusted with sugar, dipped in to a gooey chocolatey goodness. Perfect if you are looking for a quick sweet fix. Price: Php150 | Score Average: 8.31

#10 Okawari's Spicy Crunchy Tuna Salad is one of our personal favorites. It is fried and crunchy but not oily. The lettuce complements the tuna perfectly and it a great way to take a quick journey to Japan. Healthy and yummy. Price: Php200 | Score Average: 8.44

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