Top Thirteen Foods at The Truck Park

#9 Hotties Gourmet Sausage's Sausage Platter is slices of little heavens served on a plate. It is a combination of Hungarian, Italian Garlic and Schublig Sausages served with mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup.  It is your perfect choice for your little picky eaters. Price: Php199 | Score Average: 8.53

#8 Bucket O' Shrimps' Kay Joan Shrimps is literally what its name suggests.  It is a bucket of big fat juicy shrimps exploding with flavors and seasoned with 18 different herbs.  It has corn, sausage and some secret spices that Joan, the owner, promised not to tell us. A bucket of fresh seafood goodness. Price: Php198 | Score Average: 8.56

#7 Serendipity's Mango Crepe Ice Cream is your ultimate dessert this summer season. It is a thin warm pancake topped with ice cream, mango strips, heavy cream and some candy sprinkles. Sweet tooth, anyone? Price: Php98 | Score Average: 8.84

#6 Wing Shack's Xavian Buffalo Wings is our most favorite chicken dish served at the Truck Park. We have definitely found the pot of gold for us chicken wing lovers out there. Very crunchy, slightly spicy, some tang and sweet absolute sublime. Believe us, this is the real thing. Price: Php168 | Score Average: 8.86

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