Top Thirteen Foods in Crave Park

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#5 Oreos and Cream Quench's Oreos and Cream Milkshake is perfect for those who like to have a quick sweet fix. It is towering in size, yes physically but also huge in taste. It so pretty you don't want to touch it. Price: Php150 | Average: 8.52

#4 Filipino Cubano Kwatro Cubanos' Filipino Cubano is literally exploding in taste and in flavor. Sweet salty flavorful meat sandwich topped with lots and lots of melted cheese. Sided with hot and crispy curly fries. Sinful yet heavenly. Price: Php185 | Average: 8.65

#3 Spicy Tuna Sashimi Spicy Tuna Sashimi from Tamari, a modern Asian fusion. This is your freshest, healthiest and most delish option in Crave Park. Smothered with flavor and seasoning. Price: Php188 | Average: 8.68

#2 Smores on a Bread Whether you like it sweet or meaty, try their hot steamy Flatbread. This is Flatbread's version of Smores. Sweet, gooey, sticky and yummy. Kids will like it, adults will love it. Price: Php130 | Average: 8.80

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