Top Thirteen Foods in Crave Park

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#9 Tonkatsu Ramen • Torii Donburi's Tonkatsu Ramen has that clean, creamy taste and nearly white in color, from slowly simmered pork marrow bones. Whether the weather is hot or cold, this is your perfect comfort food. I am turning Japanese already. Oishii desu! Price: Php149 | Average: 8.09

#8 Hazelnut Caramel Coffee • Nitro 7 Coffee is the first and only nitrogen-infused coffee in Marikina. They have added that nitrogen element to yield that foamy, caffeinated coffee concuction. Try their Nitro 7 Hazelnut Caramel Coffee. You will surely get the kick and the punch. Price: Php120 | Average: 8.15

#7 Cheesy Foursome   Super exciting Cheesy Foursome Pulled Meat Sandwich with mozzarella cheese, Monterey Jack, cheddar and Mexican Jalapeño cheeses only from Pulled Meat Bar. Try this and other great meat sandwiches only at Pulled Meat Bar. This is a total knockout. Price: Php215 | Average: 8.25

#6 Jerk Chicken  Very tasty and so moist and tender Jerk Chicken, Jamaican Style from Wagga Wagga paired with red beans, Java rice and Jamaican style laing. A sure treat for the chicken lovers like me. It is sooolit. Price: Php165 | Average: 8.42

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