The Day That I Want to Forget

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Notice:  This is the blogger's journal on the recent devastation of Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) on September 26-27, 2009. Though based on actual event, some of the people's names, locations and places were changed to protect their identities.

5am. It was just a typical saturday morning. The noise that my stomach's making woke me up and so I decided to get up and check the fridge. There was nothing but cold water. It was pouring rain since last night. "I need to eat something hot," I told myself. I got out of my room and headed to my parents' house next door and knocked. It was already bright outside though the skies were still murky from the dark heavy clouds. My mom was already up. "What are we having for breakfast? I'm starving," I said. "We haven't bought anything yet," she replied. So i gave her a hundred pesos and asked her to buy ingredients for soup. "Soup is nice on a rainy morning," I told myself.
7am. My mom was starting to prepare the soup, when my little cousins came to visit with their mom, Maring. They live in this small house only a few meters away from ours. I told them about this one movie that i saw online called Earth and how much I would want to show it to them. It's really a good film documentary about animals in different continents and how the climate change messed up their lives to a very noticeable degree. Really an eye-opening film. I turned on the computer and watched the movie online. It was really a good and fun morning. We were watching a good film while eating a bowl of hot creamy soup.

9am. Rain continued to pour and checking my Facebook account was getting kind of boring. I was actually expecting that there would be a power interruption today. There was nothing much to do. I checked my phone and got a message from Floyd, asking me how we were. I said we're doing fine, and replied to him and asked him how they were. I've waited for an answer but he didn't reply. Read More...