Pan de Amerikana

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No, this place is not a theme park or some kind of a hidden garden. This place is called Pan de Amerikana, situated along Gen. Ordonez St. Concepcion, Marikina City.

Being a big pandesal fan, I've decided to visit this charming place right in my city. Me and my family came a little late, and it was starting to get dark. They close at 6pm and we were lucky to get in at 5:45pm. Their dining area was huge and we saw lots of weird looking things around us. It made me feel like we're in a fairy tale. Unlike other restaurants, this place is great for kids. They have a hammock for resting, a hanging bridge, and also a giant chess board.

Their Pandesal Amerikano tasted really good and it compliments their other dishes like Waknatoy and Everlasting. I just found them a little too sweet, same with their red iced tea. Maybe we'll try some of their other food next time but they shouldn't be sweet.


Anonymous said...

nakakahiya sila! ganyan ba ang mga namumuno sa marikina? mapagsamantala? turuan ng leksyon ang magnanakaw na yan!