Bagnet Overload at Yohel's Bagnet Station

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Bagnet, also locally known as chicharon is a Filipino pork dish quite popular in the Ilocos Region. You prepare it by deep-frying a boiled liempo and wait until it is crunchy.  You will know when it is already cooked when the pork skin starts to pop and the bubbles on top of the oil become smaller.  I remember my first visit to Laoag in 2006 when I had my first taste of the famous dish. The taste was delectable and unforgettable.

So to my wildest surprise, I was informed that there is this place in Concepcion Uno that serves good Bagnet. I immediately texted the owner and made arrangements for the visit.

Yohel's Bagnet Station is located along Katipunan Avenue in Concepcion Uno. It is right across the SDS Hospital. You will never miss it.

As soon as I arrived, I was soon greeted by its friendly staffs.  I chose to be seated near the window.  I do not know, but there is something I like about food and windows.  I asked Charles, one of the staffs what their best seller is and he immediately responded to me with "Bagnet Kare Kare".  How I wish all restaurant staffs are like him: polite, courteous, knowledgable and quite responsive. So without hesitation, I ordered Original Bagnet with Bagoong Rice, Bagnet Kare Kare and a big glass of cold Rootbeer Float.

The place looks clean and well managed by its owner, thanks to Karen Maka's effort.  Their interior is all covered in bright orange red stripes and their tables are wooden and painted red to match the interior. Somehow unconventional than the other traditional Bagnetan but it gets enough attention from its customers.

Bagnet Kare Kare is served with your all-time favorite Bagoong. You may order it à la carte for only P230, good for 2-3 persons. Or order a solo meal that comes with a cup of rice for only P125.  I remember I requested for my regular rice to be replaced with their Bagoong Rice instead, but I don't remember how much they've charged me for that. Now, I know why this is their best seller.

Original Bagnet with Bagoong Rice and KBL Sauce (photo above) is sinfully good.  I let the pork sit until it is cold enough to eat and then I started to dive in.  You will know that a Bagnet is good when you eat it cold.  The meat should still be tasty and the skin, crunchy. When I was asked what dip I want to go with my Bagnet, I immediately chose the KBL Sauce which is Kamatis, Bagoong and Lasona (or Onion), even if I did not know what KBL stands for.  It just sounded intriguing. I later found out that I made the right choice of sauce. You may also choose from other dips such as their Lechon Sauce, Atchara and Sukang Iloco.

I will definitely visit Yohel's Bagnet Station again.  But reminder guys, be sure to eat in moderation and always exercise to shed some extra pounds and fats.  You may contact them at 0918-472-4585.  For directions on how to get to Concepcion Uno, you may click here for help.