Momma Brown

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Momma Brown is your sweetest paradise in Marikina.  They offer a wide selection of sweets and pastries both for the young and the young at heart.  Red Velvet (photo: top left) is one of our favorites because of its soft texture and slightly moist insides. Topped with  thick frosting and red candy sprinkles. Just the right sweetness and taste is unforgettable. Another favorite is Food for the Gods (photo: top right), filled with dates and bits of walnuts. You will feel closer to heaven when you try it, no wonder it's named that. Their Walnut Pie (photo: center left) is covered in melted caramelized sugar and baked in a light sweet dough. Truly a must try. Their Brownie (photo: center right) is "one of the good tasting brownies I've tried," my friend said. However, I am more into the chewy brownie type. Prune Bar (photo: bottom right) is a great comfort food. Not too sweet and a little soft. Perfect to those who want to enjoy sweets on a lazy afternoon while watching television.  Sansrival (photo: bottom left) is my ultimate favorite. I have to be honest but it was the first one I've tried. Being a sansrival fan, I just had to try it first. It is a very yummy dessert. Each layer is topped with a nice amount of icing like filling and cashews on top. I was like the chewy ones, but this one isn't. However, the taste is still really good and heavenly. These are just some of the ones we've tried.

They also offer other all-time favorite pastries like Pandesal, Cheese Rolls, Ensaymada, Cinnamon Bread, Cookies and a lot more. Just check their lovely pastry corner. How I love the design of their logo.

Momma Brown opened to the public first week of November, 2013. We were invited by its store manager, Jen, to visit this nice cosy place. The store looked really big and spacious. Their ceiling is really high which I love most about cafes.  The colors mostly used are basic earthy colors, which are easy on the eyes and perfect for book readers. Their tables and chairs are high enough and looked comfy. Instead of the usual table mats, they've used wooden boards that looked like chopping board. I had to ask one of the staffs if they also server Japanese food. That was a funny moment. The walls are decorated with pictures and drawings of things reminding you of sweets, coffee and home. I thought to myself "I could actually live here."

Chicken Teriyaki Salad is colorful appetizer salad abundant in fresh greens and filled with Asian flavor. Topped with thick slices of Chicken Teriyaki then sprinkled with some sesame seeds. The chicken is tender and sweet. The best way to start our meal.

Adobo Flakes is their one of their best-selling items for breakfast.  It is shredded Chicken Adobo, then deep-fried until very crispy. Served with garlic rice, sunny-side up egg and atsara. Your perfect meal for a perfect day.

Callos is a stew that has light sauce, beef tripe, chickpeas and some carrots. I was not really a fan of this dish because I don't like the beef tripe part. However, the Edamame Salad made up for it. It has romaine lettuce, shredded crab sticks, slices of cucumber and carrot strips. The roasted sesame dressing tasted really good. It comes with regular rice.

Sausage Penne is sautéed in bell pepper, onion and hungarian sausage then sprinkled with parmesan cheese. Comes with garlic bread. Pasta is cooked well enough. Nice color and good presentation. The taste is not salty enough but can be easily fixed by adding some salt or more parmesan cheese. The garlic bread perfectly complimented the pasta dish.

Our trip to Momma Brown was truly unforgettable. The place was cosy, the food were good, and the sweets were really sweet.  We would like to thank Jen, the store manager and also Chef Jason for helping us with this lovely feature. Come visit them at the ground floor of Nodison Center, Marcos Highway, San Roque. They are open daily from 10am to 9pm. Click here to view complete menu and prices. You can call them at telephone number (02) 646-1600.