Santo Nino Festival

It was my first time to attend the Aglipayan Church's Santo Nino Festival.  The festivity runs through the entire month of January. The festival kicks off with the Santo Nino Barangay Fiesta on the first day of January where residents cook various Marikeno food and invite their friends and family for a visit.  January 5th is the day of the mini floats for kids. Children all over Sto. Nino bring and get to show their mini Santo Nino image floats in a procession.  This is a favorite event to everyone especially the kids as they see their friend's do a small float procession around Sto. Nino.

The Santo Nino Exhibit ran for almost two week. From January 12 until January 24, different images of Santo Nino were displayed and shown to the public. Admission is free, so everyone could come and see the show. Taking photos were allowed during the exhibit and everyone can have a quiet time inside to pray and ask wishes to their favorite Santo Nino.

The main highlight of the festivity is the Sinulog Festival which coincided with the Santo Nino Procession.  Dances and drummers covered their entire body with either black or silver body paint and made loud noises during the street parade.  Dozens of Santo Nino floats graced the procession, all decorated, both colorful and vivid.  Local Marikeno devotees of the Santo Nino came and joined the parade. Friends and families come together and witness this joyful celebration.  This is the event that Marikenos should not miss. Happening yearly in Marikina City.