Papa Rock's Big Burgers

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Papa Rock's Big Burgers and Grillery is located at #16 Sparrow Street, Sta. Elena. They serve big burgers, pasta, shakes and a lot more.  They also deliver.  You may call them at (02) 209-6758 and (0927) 879-2924. Just look for Sparrow Street at the back of the Municipal Hall.  It is not hard to find. Very peaceful neighborhood.

We had the chance to meet the man behind these big burgers, Mr. Rocky De Jesus.  We were invited to visit their burger joint. Now, being a burger fan myself, having heard that they have really big burgers, I did not waste time and looked them up right away.  Rocky welcomed us with arms wide open the moment we came by his place.  But mind you, my friends, he is really that nice to all his guests.  Having a good conversational and cooking skills, he really had me convinced that his burger is one of the best in Marikina.  Standing at 6 feet and an inch tall, he was given that nickname by his friends and family.  He was named after the undefeated and untied world heavyweight American boxer from 1952 to 1956.

Seating capacity is a little limited; approximately around 15 people.  Maybe the owner did not realize how much potential his burger could possibly get.  Besides, they were first focusing on delivery.  After talking with the owner, I had him thinking "Maybe I should make my place a little bit bigger. Hmmm."  The place is simple and clean that can be easily fixed. Food posters were carefully layouted by the owner himself. Checking his big menu, me and my friends can't help but notice the price. All the food are affordable! Now, we just have to check one more thing: the taste.

Papa Rock's Jawbreaker (photo above) is a humongous 1/3 pounder burger, filled two (2) beef patties, fresh tomato, cucumber, lettuce and melted cheese. Judging from its name, it can really break one's jaw. The price is small but the taste is big.

Heavy Waffle Breakfast is one of my most recommended meals in this place.  The waffles are always served fluffy and hot.  Served with whipped butter, syrup, cocktail hotdogs and sunny-side up egg.  A perfect breakfast to start your day.

Seafood Pasta Special is my friend's favorite item on their menu.  It is made from penne pasta smothered with thick white sauce, crab meat and shrimp bits. I cannot forget the big smile on my friend's face as she enjoyed this pasta dish.

Papa Rock's Big Burgers and Grillery is a good place for friends and families who simply want to have a good meal at affordable rates. They have everything under one roof: from their flavorful barbecue, nachos, rice meals, shakes and coffee.  Be sure to say hi to Papa Rock's when you visit them and tell them that you found them through Marikeno.  It would really put a big smile on his face. Click here for the complete menu. They are open daily from Mondays to Saturdays 9am to 10pm. Also on Sundays 9am to 2pm.


Unknown said...

Actually the "Rocky" my father named me after goes further back to 1955, the champion boxer during that era was Rocky Marciano and he was who the movie character Rocky Balboa was named after...

april cute said...

smoothies are soooo goooodddd..........
a must try. Burgers too.