Bloggers Day

The Marikeno Blog organized the first ever Bloggers Day in Marikina on February 1, 2014.  It is the first time that Marikeno bloggers meet and greet each other.  We were joined by our fellow bloggers like Migs of Inside Marikina, Mhel of Marikenya and Joseph of Steppin Out of the House blog.  Unfortunately, other bloggers that were invited like Roni of All Over Marikina, Jason of Marikina Valley, Jay of Marikina Life and Tonee and Punky of Marikina Food Trip were not able to show up because of prior commitments. Other friends like Architect Vreneli (friend of Marikeno) and Maestro Isagani, a teacher and a talented artist from Jesus Dela Pena, joined our intimate event.  We decided to make it intimate as it was our very first meeting. It was still a fun and enjoyable night for all of us.  Everyone was excited to meet everyone else.

The event's purpose is to simply meet and know the people behind the Marikina blogs that we all grow up reading.  Another purpose is to encourage other people to blog about their business, hobbies or personal interests.  As bloggers, we all know how easy it is to start a blog.  You can start a blog in less than a minute, literally.  It is the maintaining part that is more difficult.  As experienced bloggers, we can  give tips to the new bloggers on how to start a blog, what to put in a blog and how to get traffic (visitors) to their blog.  Hopefully, this will be a regular thing.  The meeting was truly successful.  We had a good laugh and we were all full. The meeting was sponsored and hosted by our very lovely friend of Yohel's Bagnet Station, Karen Maka.


Roni Flores said...

Another meet up please!! :-) Thanks Wencel for organizing this. Hope to meet all of you soon! :-)

Dok Tour said...

Another meet up please! :)