Tado Lives

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Arvin Jimenez, more popularly known as Tado is a comedian, actor, radio personality, businessman and activist.  Tado is primarily known for the offbeat television program Strangebrew and the U92 radio program The BrewRATs! To most of his fans, he is simply a comedian and an actor.  But to the Marikenos, he is a hero.  He lived a simple yet meaningful life.  Everyone in Marikina knows him as the one that rides his bike everyday and wears his silly iron helmet yet loved and adored by his friends and family.  He is also a man with many talents and skills. Tado designed LimiTado (photo above credit to LimiTado), taken from the work "Limited", and ran it with his wife. The graphic t-shirts' main selling points are striking messages printed on the shirt and spoofs. Other items include bags, accessories and toy collectibles.  It is a tourist destination on its own rights.

On February 7, 2014, around 7:20am, Tado died in an bus mishap involving a Florida passenger bus. He was among the 14 people who were unfortunate to survive in an accident in Banaue-Bontoc road in Sitio Panggang, Barangay Talubin, Bontoc.  He and his friends were on their way to Kalinga.

The wake of Arvin Jimenez was held on February 9-11 (Sunday to Tuesday) at the Paket Santiago Funeral Homes near the Our Lady of Abandoned Church. The funeral was opened to the public for viewing. Many friends, families and admirers came hoping to get their last glimpse of their humble icon. There are hundreds of heroes here in Marikina.  Tado is one of them.  He is a person full of hopes and determination.  We hope that he will serve as a good example to each one of us.  A simple comedian may have died and left us, but then a true Marikeno hero lived.