Mama Ting's Rellenong Bangus

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Lourdes "Mama Ting" Diguangco started cooking rellenong bangus for selling in 1998 and she would bring only some of them to the public market. She was only selling 30 pieces every week. It was only in 2010 when she decided to open a takeout store. She preferred to make it small so it would be less work both for her and her workers although the income is the same.  Now, she is selling more than everybody else.  Mama Ting may not be originally from Marikina (she is from Iloilo) but she moved to Marikina when she was only 19. She recently celebrated her 60th birthday and what a journey it sure was.  She has been a resident for more than 41 years. She made a family and had wonderful kids.

Mama Ting invited our team to visit her very humble store one time and it was truly a visit to remember. The food were great yet affordable and big in serving.  Here are just some of what we've had that afternoon.

Rellenong Bangus comes in different sizes and of course prices. They sell their regular ones for only P170, medium sells for P190, jumbo is P210, super jumbo is P230 and they even have the extra jumbo for only P250.  Lourdes got her very famous rellenong bangus recipe from her mother-in-law. As what her daughter, Aimee said, it is a labour of love. From the time you start preparing it until the time you serve it to your dinner table, it takes roughly 6 hours to complete. It is truly a tedious work but everything is done out of love. Some like to fry them but I personally prefer to steam it, served with their delicious atchara.  Contrary to my preference, Mama Ting said that rellenong bangus is best served after cooling it down because it does not break. You can leave it outside the fridge for 24 hours when bought hot and fresh from the frying pan. After than, it should be placed inside the fridge and can still be consumed within 7 days.

Everlasting is another famous Marikina dish similar to its other counterpart, the embutido, Instead of being packed like a meatloaf in a plastic or an aluminum foil, an everlasting is placed neatly in a llanera (oval mould). Mama Ting's version is less decorative than the usual dish served we see in every Marikina fiesta. However, we have to admit, it is as tasteful as the others.

The morcon is another familiar dish to the Marikenos.  I remember my grandmother making this every Christmas Eve. Same with the rellenong bangus, it is also a lot of work. Maybe even more work. I find the sauce a little salty but it is perfect when paired with rice.  It is made out of beef brisket roll (kalitiran), stuffed with cheese, vegetables and Chorizo de Bilbao.

Hamonado is definitely familiar to everyone. It is a typical Filipino dish, not just to the Marikenos and it consists of pork tenderloin cooked in a sweet pineapple sauce and fruit. It is also stuffed with cheese and some mild spices.  Great for lunch and dinner.

Mama Ting's version of the Filipino favorite, Leche Flan is a great way to end our lunch. It is sweet and the texture is very very smooth. To those who are not familiar with this famous dessert, it is a caramel custard dessert made from eggs and milk. It tastes so good and it literally melts in your mouth. Probably the best leche flan I've had in Marikina.

Thanks to Mama Ting's and also to her lovely daughter, Aimee, for inviting us to their store. The lunch and the conversation we had with you were simply enjoyable.  Visit their store at 246 J.P. Rizal St. Sta Elena. You may call them for advanced order at telephone numbers 0917-511-0208 and 624-7100. Click here to view their complete pricing.