Barney's Burger

Barney's Burger first started only as a vision in 1988 in Guagua Pampanga, to be the provider of quality food at affordable prices to its local community. As of 2014, they now have over 30 franchise stores, operating in Luzon, some are located in Metro Manila. Now, the burger mania that originated in Pampanga has finally come to Marikina and you can now taste their great burgers along Lilac Street, Concepcion Dos. Definitely, we will not wait any longer.

Our team was warmly welcomed by Gil, the owner and manager of Barney's Burger Marikina.  I could sense his excitement to introduce to us to his product. Being an avid burger fan, I am more eager than everyone else.

You can choose from 7 different kinds of burgers. We have tried 6 of them: Fully Loaded Burger, Barney's Burger, Cheese Burger, Bacon Cheese Burger, Bacon BBQ Burger and Barney's with TLC Burger. They are basically the same burger using the same patty but different toppings . You can either choose from a Classic or a Supreme Burger. Supreme Burger has bigger patty.  You can request for additional patty, cheese, barbecue sauce, egg, TLC (tomato, lettuce or cucumber) or bacon. You can add as much as you want for an additional fee. You can make it really big and be wild. There is no limit. Their patties are made from 100% pure beef and are grilled to perfection. Just like what their wall says, "No shorcuts, no pre-cooking and no heat lamps."

Barney's Burger Marikina's owner is originally from Malanday and is one proud Marikeño. He also takes great pride to his product and his business.  Ever since they've opened their store to the public on March, 2014, they've been making hundreds of burgers daily. Beside, who does not like burgers?

When I asked Gil what Barney's Burger is known for, he said "Our products are prepared fresh, our service is good and the price is quite friendly. Marikeños are giving us many compliments and they kept on coming back for more." Now, I have new reasons to visit Lilac Street. Barney's Burger Marikina is open from 10am-10pm Mondays to Sundays.  They will deliver soon (to be announced on their fan page). Click here for their complete menu.  Update: 03/14/2016 - Barney's Burger recently opened a new store along Gil Fernando Avenue.  It is also managed by the same owner. Be sure to visit them.