Ground and Brew Café

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Ground and Brew Café had their soft opening on December of 2013; promising nothing but good comfort food and hot fragrant coffee.  They offer all-day breakfast and other sumptuous meals. Make sure you visit their place at #10 Almond Nut Street, corner Gil Fernando Avenue, San Roque.

The simple fashion and brown earthy colors, both of its interior and exterior make this place truly a sight for sore eyes.  Simply by looking at its wooden furniture to its rustic character, you can easily tell that the owner surely knows what the word classy means. 

The honestly of its owners even makes this place more lovely.  They admit that they would need to add a lot to their menu and they that they are still doing many experimentations. Nevertheless, what they have presented to our team was worthy to all of our attention and we are glad that we visited. Below are just some of the food we've had during our very short visit.

Nachos is a very healthy and colorful snack.  Looks very appetizing because of its bright red, green and yellow colors.  The nachos are smoky barbecue flavored, which to my opinion is a little too salty. I am not really a fan of salty food too be honest so I could be overreacting a little bit. Maybe a plain unsalted nachos would make it taste better.  The vegetables they've used are fresh and crunchy and has just enough portion of minced meat.

Tomato and Herb Spaghetti (top left photo) is an olive oil-based pasta meal with chunks of fresh juicy tomatoes and herbs.  It was cooked home-style but the result was restaurant quality. Taste is very pleasing and the rich taste of its tomatoes is very evident.  Pasta was cooked just right and not soggy.

Classic Waffles (top right photo) is a sure hit to everyone of all ages. My family loved it so much. It is a big classic waffle topped with creamy butter and syrup. It comes with bacon strips, too.  The serving is big and perfect for sharing. Truly worth our money.

Monte Cristo (bottom left photo) is our favorite toasted ham and cheese sandwich. Paired with fresh lettuce topped with your classic ceasar salad dressing.  Served hot and fresh.

Creamy Carbonara (bottom right photo) is a cream-based sauce pasta, with bacon bits and spinkled with some parmesan cheese. It was truly creamy yet not overwhelming. What a great food experience it truly was!

Beef Salpicao is composed of beef sirloin, lots of minced garlic, Worcestershire sauce, olive oil, and some oyster sauce. Served with rice and mixed vegetables. At first glance, we all thought it was pork adobo.  Surprisingly, it does not taste like adobo. Instead, what we had was a sumptuous meal, perfect for a hungry Marikeño.

They have a great coffee selection.  Their French Press Coffee (first photo on the very top) is best served during the morning with your favorite breakfast. The price is very afforable yet it's good for two. They also serve other hot drinks like Americano, Espresso and Cappuccino.  They also have cold drinks, frappes and frozen iced tea.

Ground and Brew Café is a warm and homey place perfect for reading your favorite book, meeting your friends and dining in with your family.  They may be new and still on its expertimental phase but you should still check this place out. Coffee, pasta, sandwiches and a whole lot more for us, Marikeños.  They are open from Monday to Friday, 10am to 9pm and on Saturday from 10am to 7pm.  Call them at telephone number 330 0231. Click here to view their menu.


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Thanks for this, Marikeño!
Will soon visit the place and try their menu! :)