Dexter's Pizza

Dexter's Pizza first started in the Philippines in 2002, founded by Bill Advincula, a food specialist. He was looking for alternatives on how to make better healthy pizzas for the market. He got the name of his first pizza parlor from Dexter's Lab, a favorite cartoon program which his son watched. They have been "experimenting" on making different pizza flavors that his Filipino customers might like. They have 115 branches to date all over the country and their Riverbanks Center store was the first one we ever been to.

Their store is located right outside the mall entrance of Riverbanks Center.  It is beside Tropical Hut and Goldilocks stores.  It is a cute small pizza place with earthy warm colors of brown and brick red. They have hard wooden tables and chairs that makes your stay very comfortable even for the elderly.  It is also well-ventilated and air-conditioned, too. Their menu is clear and easy to understand.  You can choose from 17 different pizza flavors. chicken wings and beverages. We started as soon as we were seated.

Chicken Pesto (image above, top left) • It has generous marinated chicken, diced red bell peppers, olives, pesto sauce and lots of cheese. This is their super slim crust version. Pesto taste is not over empowering and the crust was just baked right. Make sure you eat it while it is super hot.

Pizza Carne Norte (image above, top right)  • Is your all-time favorite Filipino breakfast turned into pizza. Topped with lots and lots of shredded corned beef and freshly cut onions strips. It has the original specially made crust that you will surely love. Sprinkle some hot sauce on top to give it an extra kick.

Dexter's Primera (image above, bottom left) • This is a fierce yet authentic  mixture of Italian flavors put into one whole awesome pan. It has Italian beef, spiced ham, salami, onions, bell peppers and olives. It has everything you love in this dream pizza. Definitely our team's favorite.

Spanish Sardines (image above, bottom right) • Another personal favorite is this pizza, with Spanish sardines, freshly cut onions, topped with lots of cheese. It is a must try to those who want to eat something different yet healthy. We love sardines.

The Famous Shawarma Pizza  • Is their most ordered pizza on their menu. A signature flavor, a flavorful combination of marinated beef, fresh onions, ripe tomatoes, drizzled with their super special shawarma sauce. If you love Shawarma, you will definitely love this more.

Wings and Wedges • A pizza place will never be complete without deep-fried chicken wings and potatoes. Their wings and wedges is a sure hit to everyone, specially the younger once who love chicken. Super crispy and tasty. You can either choose from original or spicy barbecue flavors.

The entire team of Marikeño would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Meg and Joseph Rosello, owners of Dexter's Pizza Riverbanks for the very warm welcome. We had a great time and chat at Dexter's Pizza. Your chicken is great but the pizzas are the best. See you again soon on our next visit. Click here for their menu.

Update: July 2016, Dexter's Pizza decided to close down due to personal reasons. You may still buy Dexter's Pizzas but only for take outs and delivery from their Parang branch.