Mosaic by the Creek

Mosaic by the Creek is an art workshop slash relaxed restaurant situated in the peaceful slopes of Industrial Valley Complex. We received an invitation from one of its owner, Ava and as soon as we realized that they were located in Industrial Valley Complex, we knew right then that we had to pay them a visit very very soon. They are located at 22 Major Dizon Street, Industrial Valley Complex. Click here to see their map. To commute, you can ride a tricycle located either from the back of Riverbanks Center or at a tricycle terminal before crossing the bridge along Marcos Highway.

Mosaic is an ancient form of art.  It is an image or a pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces of hard material, such as stone, tile, or glass. In Europe, doing Mosaic is therapeutic. It increases the attention span of the children and also teaches patience. Mosaic by the Creek is a very good option to those who are looking for a good place to mix the arts and the food. Mosaic classes are headed by Ava's beautiful mother, Cherrie Sarfati who said that "Mosaic art is not difficult and everyone has an art on his/her own. There is no certain rule on how to properly do it and they can do it their way." Mrs. Sarfati's original idea was to build a small workshop were people can learn and enjoy Mosaic. But knowing that there are not that many food places in their area and making art can easily make you tremendously hungry, she and her daughter decided to open a café coinciding with their workshop. So Mosaic by the Creek was created.

They would describe their food to be familiar comfort food. These are comfort food that Cherrie has been serving to her family for so many years. They are recipes passed to them by her mother, grandmother and great grandmother. They serve Filipino-Italian food and offer vegetables, meat and seafood. Here are some of the food we had during our stay:
Cream of Malunggay (topmost image of this article) • Creamy and smooth malunggay-based soup that will surely make you smile. Not sweet and the taste is truly calming. Topped with seasoned croutons for that subtle crunchy texture. You will definitely love it even if you are not a malunggay lover.

Grilled Steak (image above, top left) • You can choice from tenderloin or US strip loin, served with Rosemary baby potatoes and mushroom garlic gravy. Meat is very tender and perfectly cooked. The baby potatoes compliment the dish and the gravy is divine.

Chili Garlic Shrimp (image above, top right) • Fresh juicy shrimps sautéed in butter and garlic, topped with some greens and herbs. A very simple dish but very tasty.  I just love its strong garlicky taste and smell. Another cup of rice please.

Lumpiang Shanghai (image above, bottom left) • You can choose from their different lumpias: cheese, chicken, vegetables and bangus. We tried their vegetables and bangus lumpia. It was super crunchy and the kids loved it. I never saw kids enjoying eating vegetable and fish this much. I actually wondered if they knew what they were eating.

Filipino Style Chicken Wings (image above, bottom right) • It is their version of buffalo wings but with a Filipino twist. It's Adobo marinade and very tasty. Salty, a little sweet and a little tangy make this dish a sure win win win. Attractive glistening appearance and plating make this dish a crowd favorite. Perfect with hot soft steamy rice and a glass of iced cold drink.

Beef Mechado •  Is a 48-hour, slow cooked tomato and beef stew sided with hot steamy rice and vegetables on top. This top favorite meat dish is highly recommended by yours truly. Make sure to never leave this place without trying their Beef Mechado. The flavor is intense and our happiness level shot through the roof.

Calamansi Cheesecake • Is a perfect way to end a good meal. The cheesecake is not too sweet and a little tangy and the big scoop of vanilla ice cream is just plain bliss. The caramel stripes on top of the cheesecake is a good accent to the dessert. Plus, every one loves caramel.

Big big thanks and very warm hugs both to Ava and Cherrie Sarfati of the Mosaic by the Creek for inviting our group to their wonderful restaurant. We also like to thank their friendly staffs for accommodating and taking care of us. It was an amazing experience. Follow them on Facebook by clicking here.