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Quina was derived from the old Marikina name, Mariquina which dated way back 1687. Then on 1901, during the arrival of the Americans, it was eventually changed to Marikina that we all know today.

Your days will be every day festive when you visit Quina Pastry Shop and Restaurant. They pretty much have everything you want. Whether you are craving for that simple yet yummy roast beef sandwich or looking for that fiesta mode meal like their rendition of the ever so popular Marikina dish called Everlasting or llanera (photo above), they have everything that will surely tickle your taste buds and make your pockets happy. Their shop is simple and quaint with appealing interior for all people of any ages. Their walls are painted in bright red and subtle cream, both attractive and easy on the eyes. They have finally air-conditioned their restaurant so guests can now enjoy their lunches without breaking a sweat. And their menu is filled with delicious dishes that any Marikeño would love.

We were so fortunate that excellent restaurants like Quina found us. We received an email invitation from Alvin, one of the owners of Quina and asked us to visit their cozy restaurant.  I got intrigued with its name, thinking outright that they got that from the name Mariquina. I have been hearing only good feedback from different people about their food and their place. So, we immediately set a date and headed our way to Quina.

Quina first started as a home-based business.  Alvin, a proud Marikeño and one of the owners started baking in 2003. They were making chocolate cakes and selling them to different cafés and restaurants in Marikina and nearby cities. Just like many popular restaurants in Marikina, they are also into shoe business. In fact, they owned Carmelletes Shoes which is a popular Marikina brand. On August 2012, they have finally decided to open up a restaurant during the San Roque fiesta. They are now on their fourth year and they are getting stronger. Let us all now start our meal and what better way to start it than to taste their lavish devilish sumptuous cakes:
They bake their own cakes: Blueberry Cheesecake (top left) • Brownie Walnut Cake (top right) •
Chocolate Moist Cake (bottom left) • Red Velvet (bottom right)
Their super crisy Buffalo Wings is quite tasty. It can be eaten alone or with a cup of rice or two.
Spaghetti ala Quina is tomato based pasta with big slices of fresh tomatoes, tuna, olives
and a hint of pesto sauce. Sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and sided with  buttered bread.
Quina's huge slab of Baby Back Ribs is definitely a showstopper. Sweet, smokey and very tender meat.
They also offer Marikeño favorites like their Ox Tail Kare Kare (top left), Waknatoy or Menudo ala Marikina,
Adobo sa Gata (Chicken and Pork) and Pininyahang Manok.

I love their soft-bread Roast Beef Sandwich.  Beef is quite tender and tasty. Highly recommended.
Quina is my top choice if I am looking for affordable and tasty food. They have comfort food that every one will surely like. They have local Marikina food that cannot be easily found in Marikina: dishes like Waknatoy, Everlasting and Pininyahang Manok. Visit them along Dragon Street, Midtown, San Roque, Marikina City. Click here for the map.