Top Thirteen Foods in Lilac Street

Chubbies Qcina Café is your simple yet very familiar comfort restaurant. They serve you your usual comfort food that will surely make you feel right at home. Like this dish, this is their Sinigang na Lechon. A big serving of hot steamy bowl of sinigang soup loaded with big crispy lechon chunks and green vegetables. Maybe sinful but very comforting.

Their interior will also make you feel like you are visiting your grandparents for lunch on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Lots of brown and earthy colors inside their restaurant. Visit Chubbies Qcina Café at 50 Lilac Street, Concepcion Dos. Here is their Facebook page. Click to view their map.

Evaluation: Plating: 9.0 | Taste: 9.1 | Quality: 9.0 | Value: 9.1 | Overall Average: 9.0

Miguel and Maria is another treasure we discovered in our recent food event. They surely surprised us with their rendition of the traditional Seafood Paella. It is a sumptous rice mix overloading in seafood goodness flavor, with big shrimps, calamari and lots of crunchy vegetables.

Miguel and Maria used to be a residential home then converted into this uber awesome restaurant. Service is quite good and staffs are properly trained. Visit Miguel and Maria at 89 Lilac Street, Concepcion. Here is their Facebook page. Find them on the map. Click here.

Evaluation: Plating: 9.4 | Taste: 8.8 | Quality: 9.0 | Value: 9.2 | Overall Average: 9.1

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