Top Thirteen Foods in Lilac Street

Barneys Burger could be your burger dreamland. You can make their Supreme Fully Loaded really big and be wild. This burger is insane and there is no limit. Their patties are made from 100% pure beef and are grilled to perfection. Just like what their wall says, "No shorcuts, no pre-cooking and no heat lamps."

Their staffs always serve you with smiles.

Barneys Burger first started only as a vision in 1988 in Guagua Pampanga, to be the provider of quality food at affordable prices to its local community. As of 2014, they now have over 30 franchise stores, operating in Luzon, some are located in Metro Manila. Visit them at 21-B Lilac St. Concepcion Dos. Like their page here. Click here for directions.

Evaluation: Plating: 9.0 | Taste: 9.2 | Quality: 9.2 | Value: 9.4 | Overall Average: 9.2

Forget Me Not Café is now located in a much bigger, better and brighter location. They've decided to retained their identity and is doing a lot stronger than before being one of the pioneers in Lilac Street. Their Roast Beef Sandwich is really yummy. The beef is very tender, vegetables are fresh and crunchy and the bread is toasted just right on the outside but soft and a little fluffy on the inside. If you like to have it light and right, this is the perfect meal for you.

They have big and wide windows, inviting all the natural light from the outside.
Their interior is simple yet elegant. Simplicity is the key to their exceptional beauty.
Karen, manager, with her team.
Forget Me Not Café opens really early, as early as 7am and closes at 11pm. They are located at 24 Lilac Street, Concepcion Dos. Click here for directions.

Evaluation: Plating: 9.5 | Taste: 9.3 | Quality: 9.1 | Value: 9.1 | Overall Average: 9.25

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