Baby's Puto and Kutsinta

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Baby's Puto is one of San Roque's hidden gems. Tucked in the very narrow streets of Mabini, you will find their small store filled with colorful yet yummy chewy Puto Pulo.  I often bring puto to work and all my colleagues love them and always ask for me to bring more. It is our perfect pasalubong to everyone because they are so delicious yet affordable. It originated in Bulacan and was brought to Marikina in the 1930's. Our team got curious how these yummy delectable and mouthwatering steamed rice cakes are made so we've set an appointment with Baby's Puto for a visit so they can show us.

Here is a photo of their humble store located along Mabini St. San Roque, Marikina City.
How Puto Pulo is Made:

Unlike other putos in the Metro, Marikina's Puto Pulo are much smaller, often bite size, fluffy and chewy. Thus it is easy to eat and not messy at all.  They are also not that sweet so you can eat more. I asked Baby, the owner, if making puto is difficult.  She said it was quite easy and she was actually right.

Puto Pulo is made from five primary ingredients: ground rice or 'galapong', sugar, baking soda, cheese and of course, "atsuete". Tiny cups are placed inside a steamer then they put slices of cheese in each and every one of them.

Then they prepare the puto mixture: they add the galapong, sugar, baking soda and atsuete for that nice dark natural red color in a big bowl. They pour the mixture in all the cups, cover them and steam them for about a good one hour. After an of waiting hour, this is how they look like.

They let them sit for another good 30 minutes to cool them down before they start to remove them from their molds. Then they place these cuties neatly on a clean styrofoam and pack them with clear plastics.

Baby's Puto is truly one of the best reasons to visit Marikina City. It is not just a favorite snack but it also defines our culture and history. Marikeños know how to cook but above all, we know what good food is.  Visit them along A. Mabini Street, San Roque. You may click here to see their map.


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