Seifuku Japanese Restaurant

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Seifuku Japanese Restaurant got their name from two Kanji words. Sei or 盛, which means "success" and Fuku or 福 which means "luck and happiness." They have been spreading and sharing their success, luck and happiness to all their customers since they've opened their doors to the public on 2014 November. They are probably the best sushi place in the entire city of Marikina.  Not only they are using the freshest ingredients, but they also have the friendliest staffs as well.

Mrs. Yamamuro and her family live in San Mateo, Rizal yet they've decided to invest and put up their food business in one of the busiest food streets in Marikina: Gil Fernando Avenue.  When asked why they chose to invest in Marikina, she said that it is the closest place to start a business from their home.  She also has many Marikeño friends who advised her to open her restaurant in Marikina. We asked her why a Japanese restaurant, well that's an easy question, I thought. It's because her husband is Japanese, that's why. Mr. Yamamuro's quite picky when it comes to his Japanese fix and they would have to drive all the way to Makati for nearly two hours just to have a good decent Japanese meal. Eventually, they've realized that they have to open one for themselves and for their friends and relatives. Being a Japanese cuisine fan myself, I had to visit them and try what they have to offer. So here's just some of them:

Ebi Fry Cheese Roll is really yummy, cheesy shrimp roll and covered with tobiko or flying fish roe. Unlike other food that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, this one is soft on the outside and has the surprisingly crunch on the inside. Can I have another order of this, please!

Special Chirashi Sushi might look a little intimidating at first with all its vibrant colors, intricate details and neat arrangements, so one may not know where to start or how to start. For those who will try this for the first time, here is my simple tip: make sure you use a chopstick, then eat each item one at a time and never, never pour soy sauce on it. It might be disrespectful to the chef and the people who prepared it. If you cannot stop yourself from adding soy sauce, simply pour some on a small plate and dip.

Assorted Sushi Special is your boat ride to eternal bliss. Isn't she a beauty?  It is a seafood fiesta that is literally placed on a big boat, loaded with shrimps, crab sticks, sushi, tuna, salmon, squid, roe, unagi and sea urchin. I find myself drooling just mentioning them.

Assorted Sashimi Regular is somehow similar to their Sushi Special except that they're not placed on a boat. All the ingredients are fresh and well prepared. Colors are quite inviting and the taste is really good. Fresh from the sea. Oishi!

Ebi Tempura is battered and deep-fried shrimp. Quite hot and very crunchy. Did I mention they are gigantic? Tonkotsu Ramen is served hot and filled with vegetables, meat and eggs. They are your perfect combination on a cool rainy afternoon.

US Special Calbee Yakiniku is Seifuku's special grilled meat. One can use their smokeless grill and cook their meats on it. The portion is quite small but the taste is just insane. The meat is so soft and juicy that it will literally melt in your mouth. It is one of my most favorite dishes in Seifuku.

Maku No Uchi Bento is their ready-to-eat lunchbox meal that promises massive range of taste, texture and colors. It comes with rice, fish, sashimi, tempura and a whole lot more. It pretty much has everything you love about Japanese cuisine on it. Kids also like this meal because it looks so appetizing and seems familiar to them. Ready with your chopsticks?

Seifuku Japanese Restaurant is your ultimate Japanese sushi place. If you love sushi and sashimi, this is your haven. I just love the simplicity of their menu and the quality yet unpretentiousness of their food. They serve them fast and they're fresh. They don't serve desserts though, only Japanese food. They always greet their customers "irasshaimase!" with full enthusiasm as soon as they come in. They want us be full and leave very happy. That makes Seifuku the best sushi restaurant in Marikina.

Thanks to Seifuku Japanese Restaurant for having us. Special thanks to Mrs. Yamamuro and Saldy, the consultant. Please visit them along Gil Fernando Avenue.  They open daily from 11AM to 2PM and from 5:30PM to 10:30PM. They have a big parking lot so parking is not a problem and their washrooms are really clean. Visit their official page by clicking here. For directions on how to get to Seifuku, simply click here to find them on the map.