Milieu Urban Comfort Food

Milieu Urban Comfort Food is not your usual eating place.  Since they've opened to the public early of 2016, they have been offering not just good food but crazy, bizarre yet insanely yummy food.  Chef Law and Chef Mark are the cruel duo behind this phenomenon and they satisfy us really well with their mouthwatering heavenly comfort food. If good food could kill, we will charge them with murder.

Above is a sample of their Cookie Dough Bacon: a sweet blend of your chewy cookie ingredients, mixed and stuffed in a small cup, topped with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream and real bacon bits, then drizzled with sweet caramel syrup.  If that is not insane enough for you, then I do not know what insane really is.

Milieu is your perfect environment for socializing with your close friends and families. One will easily notice how high their ceiling is, which makes their place look so much bigger. Their place was designed by Ohm David but it was Chef Mark's primary idea for their theme: industrial and rustic.  Hard sturdy wood were used for their furniture which all came from Bulacan.  I really love their wooden tables and chairs, they are strong and one will feel secured sitting on them. The place looked raw and bold, yet somehow unfinished but beautiful.

Menu and food were a genius collaboration between Chef Mark and Chef Law who studied culinary arts from the same school. They specialize in Western food yet they both share the same love and passion for Asian food which explains the type of food they serve.  They serve anything that is good and comforting, familiar yet different. Here are just some of the food we've tried.

Shrimp Mango Salad has fresh crisp spear of green lettuce, seaweed, slices of tomatoes, sweet mangoes and shrimp in apple wasabi vinaigrette. It is your perfect salad starter with sweet, salty, sour taste. I can definitely eat this everyday and not feel guilty about it.

Bacon Fat Fries (image above, top left) for those who love french fries. It is smothered in thick garlic cheese sauce with salty bacon bits.  It was perfectly cooked and very crispy. How do you know if your fries are perfectly cooked? You let it sit for 10-15 minutes before you start digging in. If your fries still tasted good, then you got yourself a good potato.

Chicken Karaage (image above, top right) is deep-fried marinated chicken breast in teriyaki sauce, Japanese coleslaw, in ciabatta or Italian white bread with side salad. Chicken is nicely seasoned and the bread was warm and soft. If you like it light and nice, try this one.

Roasted Tamarind Chicken (image above, bottom left) is probably one of my most favorite items in their menu. Chicken was tender and perfectly marinated. It was nicely roasted and paired with garlic rice and roasted tomato. You can enjoy it with or without its gravy. It was that good.

Quattro Formaggio Pizza (image above, bottom right) has mozarella, cheddar, parmigiano blue cheese and tomato pesto in it. I simply love cheese.  Should I say more? Cheese is it.

Applewood Smoked Slab of Bacon is definitely my most favorite dish in Milieu. It is a simple bacon dish paired with Japanese coleslaw, Bonito corn and sweet tangy honey syrup. A dish that every one of you should try. It has sweet. tang, salty, crunch, tender, everything you are looking for an awesome dish. If you have not experienced falling in love with your food, then try this one. Tip: This goes well with their Strawberry Apple Freeze.

Baby Back Ribs used with their homemade barbecue sauce, served with Bonito corn and Japanese coleslaw. The sauce was just too flavorful for me and it was kind of hard for me to taste the meat. Coleslaw toned the taste down a little and maybe a little rice will do the trick.

Buffalo Wings is deep-fried marinated chicken wings in Sriracha butter sauce topped with blue cheese crumble. Perfectly fried and seasoned really well. Best to be enjoyed without rice.

Shake Meshi is a Japanese French inspired fusion rice mix topped with high grade pink salmon then drizzled with sweet Teriyaki sauce. Served with shoyu, wasabi paste, kalamansi and gari (pickled ginger). A creative dish, insane yet delicious.  A must try.

The entire Marikeño Team would like to thank the hospitality and kindness of Milieu Urban Comfort Food, its management and staffs.  We encourage everyone to try and visit Milieu. They are open daily, from 11AM to 11PM. You can find them along Lilac Street, Concepcion Dos. Click here for their map.

Update: Milieu Comfort Food has decided to close and will open up another business. We were so sad to hear this as we were their biggest fans. Good luck on your new future endeavor.