Top Thirteen Foods in Lilac Street

Just a month ago, our team thought of doing this very simple feature on Lilac Street in Concepcion Dos. We first thought of visiting three popular restaurants on that street and highlighting the best foods that they can offer. After just one night, it turned out to be this really ginormous idea. We thought of compiling the best thirteen foods that Lilac Street can ever offer. Yes, you heard us right.  Thirteen! And yes, we know it is a big number. From three restaurants, it turned out we need to try more. So we ended up with the number 13. Thus, we created Marikeño's Top Thirteen Foods in Lilac Street.

So, this is our teaser and we sent this out together with our email invitations to all the potential participating restaurants. In just less than 48 hours, we received confirmations from all thirteen establishments stating that they are very excited and eager to know more about our plan. Then we started forming our group. We need thirteen evaluators (aside from our group's editors and moderators) who are willing to join our group and try all thirteen foods from thirteen different restaurants in just one day. Sounds very suicidal to me but we managed to somehow survive.

The Team
Here is our team together with some really good friends who agreed to be part of this awesome food investigation. You might find some of us very familiar, specially Keno. They will all help us with the food evaluation. We are all certified foodies who have diverse taste and preference. We are all bad and hungry, too.

The Mechanics
We will visit all thirteen restaurants in just one day. Each restaurant will share only their most popular item on their menu based on the result of an online survey we conducted a month ago on our Facebook fan page. We only have 30 minutes to do everything: to be properly seated, to take photos, to enjoy our food and to evaluate the food that was served. We have a standard evaluation form to rate the food. Here are criteria for judging: Plating (25%), Taste (25%), Quality (25%) and Value (25%). All evaluation forms are collected at the end of the day and from all 13 participants and get their overall average.

Note: To our dear followers, please understand that we have personally picked them because their items are really good and that we got many recommendations from their actual customers who have tried and loved their products.  Having said that, we would have to say that they are all winners already just to be included on this list. They are all Marikeño's favorites in Lilac Street. So without further ado, here are our Top Thirteen Foods in Lilac Street. Bon appétit.

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