Rekado Modern Filipino Cuisine

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Rekado Modern Filipino Cuisine is derived from the word "rekado" which means ingredients in Filipino. Filipino food is known to be "marekado" or has so much ingredients. It is a very catchy name for a restaurant and it is the name of the newest food place in Concepcion Dos.  It is a modern Filipino restaurant with a twist. They make your familiar old-style home Filipino cooking and turn it into their own. The place is little small yet warm and cozy. Everything looked so clean and fresh to the eyes.

Rekado is managed and owned by several courageous entrepreneurs who had decided to quit all their cool but tiring jobs abroad and opened a business in Marikina City.  Chef Marco Bitong, their main man, drew inspiration of his dream from his biggest inspiration and idol, his mom. When he was young, he was his mom's assistant during cooking. He would help her by preparing all the ingredients. He would cut the vegetables and prepare all the meat. He did not want to be a chef before, he admitted, but he just could never stop watching his mother cooking. He loved her Caldereta, Dinuguan and Kare Kare. He told us how he would ask his mom to teach him her secrets in cooking but she just encouraged him to watch and to make his own versions of those dishes. We were fortunate enough to experience and taste some of his masterpieces.

Chicharong Bulaklak is a deep-fried ruffled fat made from pig's intestine, a very popular "pulutan" or appetizer. It is best consumed with alcohol but can also be enjoyed with hot steamy rice. It is an oily food and can be lessen by dipping into spicy vinegar. It was not as crispy as I thought it would be but it was perfectly and evenly seasoned though.  If it was made crispy enough, it would be my personal favorite.

Tinapa Roll is another deep-fried appetizer made from tinapa flakes, diced vegetables, salted egg and lumpia wrapper. The lumpia wrapper was a little thick but the filling was tasty and the light tangy vinegar sauce complimented it quite well as it felt light, not oily.

Bam-I or Pancit Bisaya is a Filipino noodle dish which first started in Cebu City. It is quite similar to our favorite pancit canton flavored with chopped vegetables, small shrimps and garnished with calamansi fruit. The serving is a little small, I think. I hope they will side it with small pandesal bread.
Laing is simple and spicy yet true to its taste. Very tasty and perfect with hot white rice.

Sweet and Spicy Garlic Chicken reminds me of Bonchon's Soy Garlic Chicken. Perfectly crunchy glazed chicken.  You can enjoy it with or without rice.

Curry Bicol Express is your favorite spicy Bicol Express enhanced with curry and spice. Another cup of hot rice, please.

Prawn Spicy Aligue has this rich tasty vibrant sauce that is not just visually stunning but also satisfying.
Sinigang na Bulalo is one of their most popular dishes. Served hot and sour, this is definitely one of our Rekado favorites.
Beef and Tripe Kare Kare is creamy and has a rich texture. Marikeños will love this.
Boneless Crispy Pata is literally a killer and a monster, both in size and taste.  Drooling?

Crispy Leche Flan is new and definitely different. Leche Flan strips carefully wrapped in lumpia wrappers and deep-fried into sweet perfection, then beautifully decorated with chocolate syrup.

Rekado Modern Filipino Cuisine is a combination of something modern yet familiar, old yet new, truly Filipino but with a twist. They have a really big menu and lots of foods to choose from. Quality yet affordable food for big groups and families. Chef Marco Bitong had experiences working professionally in big restaurants like Red Crab, Victoria Sports Tower and Mesa. They are open daily from 11AM to 2PM and 5PM to 11PM. Visit Rekado along Katipunan Street, Concepcion Dos. Click here to follow them on Facebook. Click here to view their map for directions.