EZ's Chocolate Hub


EZ's Chocolate Hub is your go-to place if you are looking for original yet affordable chocolates and more.  You name it, they surely have it. It was my first time to visit  this store and I was truly amazed on how the couple owners (Monique and PJ) managed to turn this small empty place into a very warm looking and quite inviting place. Maybe it's easy to decorate a room with hundreds of chocolates and make you feel right at home, or not. 

Their products are all itemized and thing are easy to find. They have an entire wall of imported chocolates, another wall for the imported chips, a medium sized fridge for the drinks, more shelves for more chocolates, a half wall for Korean products, a center chocolate display for their buy 1 take 1 promos and their main display area for the chocolate bouquet, just in time for the Valentine's season. 

We stayed in the store for at least an hour, I think but we never saw the time passed. The owners were very patient and understanding even though we took a long time to "stare" at the chocolates (because they were so damn heavenly) before we decided to get them. Yet, they remained friendly and assisted us all throughout. 

I love EZ's Chocolate Hub. It is my kind of place. It is home.  We would like to thank Monique for inviting our team to visit their awesome store.  We are so proud of you. To our dear readers, please buy from them. Their items are in very good quality yet cheaper in price. We encourage that you support small local businesses. Visit them at the 2nd Floor GT1 Building, B.G. Molina St. Brgy Parang, Marikina City. They are open daily from 11AM to 8PM.